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Sleeping with the TV on can kill you!

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  • Experts reveal how harmful it can be to sleep with the television on.
  • Find out why this can lead to an early death.
  • Why you shouldn’t take the risk.

Experts have announced that falling asleep with the television on can lead to serious health problems. According to a study from Northwestern University School of Medicine, sleeping with even the slightest ambient lighting during nighttime sleep can harm your cardiovascular function.

A dream expert, Phyllis Zee, revealed the role of light during sleep for healthy adults between the ages of 63 and 84. This study revealed that the reason why it is harmful to your health, is because sleeping only one night with low light, such as a television with no sound, increased people’s blood sugar levels and heart rate as they slept.

Sleeping with the TV on can kill you

sleep tv on death
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In both older men and women, sleep can be affected due to the light projected by the television. It is «correlated with a higher prevalence of diabetes, obesity and hypertension.» These are some diseases that can be caused by this seemingly harmless activity.

According to The Sun, a recent study concluded that insulin resistance occurred the morning after people slept in a lighted room. Insulin resistance is when muscle, fat, and living cells don’t respond well to insulin and can’t use blood glucose for energy. Filed Under: Sleep Tv On Death

A study was done and the results were shocking

sleep tv on death
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To compensate, your pancreas makes more insulin, and your blood sugar level rises over time. “Now, we are showing a mechanism that could be fundamental in explaining why this happens. We show that it’s affecting their ability to regulate glucose,» Zee said.

The sleep expert and his team said they were surprised that less than half of the men and women in the study consistently slept in the dark for at least five hours a day. «More than 53 percent had some light in the room at night,» he revealed. Filed Under: Sleep Tv On Death

This is what you can do to stay healthy

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Zee added that people who slept with higher light levels were more likely to go to bed and wake up later, and «we know that late sleepers also tend to have a higher risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disorders.»

As a final piece of advice, experts advised trying not to leave the television on at bedtime. Some televisions include a timer option, so if you need to fall asleep to the television, this is a great option so that it does not stay on. People are also advised to avoid charging their laptops and cell phones in their bedroom, where the melatonin-disrupting blue light can interrupt your sleep. Filed Under: Sleep Tv On Death

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