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Folk singer ‘Muñequita Milly’ dies at 23 after undergoing surgery

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Singer Muñequita Milly dies (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • The singer Muñequita Milly dies.
  • Family points out malpractice.
  • Mourning in the artistic community.

The artistic community is plunged into deep mourning following the confirmation of the passing of a young and beloved Hispanic singer.

Condolences on social media swiftly poured in, remembering the charisma and talent of the performer.

According to reports, the artist, who was also a mother to a young child, had undergone a cosmetic procedure without anticipating the consequences.

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Young Hispanic artist dies

Singer, Stage, Surgery, Tragedy, The singer Muñequita Milly dies
Photo: Shutterstock

The premature departure of folk singer ‘Muñequita Milly’ has plunged the national artistic world into deep mourning.

At only 23 years old, Flor Sheiza Quispe Sucapuca, known for her talent and charisma, passed away under circumstances that are not yet fully clarified.

But reports suggest that it was all due to a surgical procedure gone wrong, resulting in her tragic demise, according to ‘Milenio’.

The young artist, born in Yanahuaya, Puno, and residing in Juliaca (locations in Peru), was known for her musical performances that resonated throughout the country.

Death of the singer

Death, Grief, Mourning, Loss, Shock
Photo: Shutterstock

Her talent and her message of overcoming adversity were reflected in every performance, as expressed in her Facebook profile: «Strive. Soul, life, heart, and you will triumph.»

The tragic event took place at the Clínica del Inca, located on Avenida 28 de Julio in Miraflores, in the city of Lima, Peru.

Although the exact circumstances of her death are still under investigation, the family and her legal representative point to Dr. Víctor Fong as responsible.

According to ‘Milenio’, the doctor is accused of possible malpractice in the liposuction procedure that the singer underwent.

Demands and calls for justice

Death, Justice, Departure, Dismay, Celebrities
Photo: Shutterstock

«The family demands justice, that the investigations be intensified, that the doctor who attended to her also be investigated,» stated a reporter from ‘Latina Noticias’.

The statements were made through the official YouTube channel of the Peruvian media outlet, reflecting the anguish and determination of ‘Muñequita Milly’s’ relatives.

The pain is multiplied upon learning that the artist leaves behind a child of only one year and four months, plunging her family into orphanhood and sadness.

Complaints and demands for justice have already been initiated, with the firm conviction that responsibility lies with the appropriate party, in this case, Dr. Víctor Barriga Fong.

Investigations after cosmetic surgery

Authorities, News, Impact, Investigations, Forensic
Photo: Shutterstock

The singer’s father, Jaime Quispe Mamani, has been unequivocal in his statements, directly pointing to the doctor as responsible for his daughter’s death.

The details of the surgical procedure and its consequences have been part of the investigations by the relevant authorities.

It is reported that, following the abdominal liposuction, the singer experienced severe stomach pains that led her back to the operating room.

This occurred five days after undergoing surgery, and at that time, she was also under the supervision of Dr. Fong.

Cause of death of Doll Milly

Entertainment, Cause of death, Police, Peru, Dr. Víctor Fong
Peruvian singer Muñequita Milly dies after liposuction-Photo: Shutterstock

Prosecutor Guillermo Peñaloza, in charge of the case, has revealed that the artist died due to septicemia, a severe condition that developed after the surgical intervention.

Despite medical efforts, ‘Milly’ arrived critically ill at the Clínica del Inca in the early hours of April 2nd and unfortunately could not be saved.

Shock and expressions of sorrow have flooded social media, where the singer was greatly loved and admired.

Messages of farewell and affection are multiplying, recalling her smile and talent that will now remain in the memories of those who knew her and enjoyed her music.

Shock on the social media and tribute to the singer

Condolences, Reactions, Social Networks, Tributes, MundoNOW
Photo: Screenshot IG Milly Doll

«Such sad news. Friend Flor, now you are at the right hand of God… I still can’t wrap my head around this news,» expressed producer Kelvin Deza.

«Your smile will always remain in my heart,» he added, reflecting the sentiment of a music industry mourning the loss of a young talent.

According to ‘Milenio‘, investigations against the doctor are ongoing, while ‘Milly’s’ family awaits justice.

You can watch the journalist’s statements HERE, the condolences HERE, and a photo of ‘Muñequita Milly’ HERE.

«Very sad news. “Friend Flor, you are now at the right hand of God… I still cannot assimilate this news,” said producer Kelvin Deza.

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