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Singer Kalimba is accused of sexual abuse

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Singer Kalimba accused of sexual assault (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Singer Kalimba faces serious accusations.
  • He threatens legal action.
  • Melissa Galindo refuses to negotiate with Kalimba.

Kalimba and Melissa Galindo had their first hearing at the Reclusorio Oriente after the singer filed a complaint for alleged sexual abuse in March 2023.

Kalimba then got more bad news from the judge.

The hearing at the Reclusorio Oriente is only the first chapter of a legal process that promises to be long and complex.

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Singer Kalimba gets bad news

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PHOTO: Meznivel

After the six-hour hearing, the judge determined the singer’s case will go to trial.

Despite this, Kalimba will not be jailed during the process, since the prosecution did not request preventive detention.

The judge granted a period of six months to continue investigating the accusations. It is important to note that Kalimba rejected any type of negotiation in this case.

The hearing ran late, as it was expected to end at 2:00 p.m. However, it was postponed due to the presentation of evidence and the debate over Kalimba’s charges.

Melissa Galindo accused the singer of sexual assault

This case has generated great media attention and has put the issue of sexual abuse in the entertainment industry at the center of public debate.

Melissa Galindo’s complaint against Kalimba has provoked intense scrutiny about power and the treatment of women in the music industry.

The judge’s decision to go ahead with the trial sends an important message about the seriousness with which accusations of sexual abuse are taken.

However, the fact that the singer was not jailed raises questions about fairness.

Will singer Kalimba be found innocent?

Kalimba, prison, Melissa Galindo, singer, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Meznivel

Kalimba’s case has reignited the debate about the presumption of innocence and the protection of victims in cases of sexual abuse.

While some see the trial as a step towards justice, others question whether the precautionary measures are sufficient to guarantee the safety of the complainant and prevent possible retaliation.

The coming weeks and months will be marked by the continued investigation and preparation for the trial, which will determine Kalimba’s guilt or innocence.

The case has also generated reflections on the role of artists and their social responsibility.

What was he accused of doing?

The complaint against Kalimba has led many to question the conduct of public figures and their influence on the public, especially when it comes to respecting and protecting women’s rights.

It should be remembered that in March 2023, singer Melissa Galindo revealed in an Instagram live that Kalimba had behaved inappropriately.

This happened during one of his concerts, where she claimed he touched her, according to Excelsior.

She said that he touched her private parts while they were in a car, even though she said no.

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