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Singer attacks Shakira without any mercy

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Singer Attacks Shakira, Controversy, Urban, MundoNow, Gossip
Singer Attacks Shakira (PHOTO: Mezcalent)
  • A singer attacks Shakira
  • He told her harsh words for getting involved in reggaeton
  • Has Shakira responded yet?

In the last year, Shakira, a talented artist facing a challenging period in Spain, has generated controversy in public opinion with her songs.

Not only has she attracted attention for her constant indirect comments towards her ex-partner Gerard Piqué, but also for her foray into genres such as reggaeton.

Despite her renowned musical versatility, the 46-year-old singer has attracted both praise and criticism from the public and even colleagues.

And recently, the exponent of the urban genre like Baby Rasta has made some harsh comments towards the Colombian.

Singer attacks Shakira

Shakira, controversy, opinions, reggaeton, mundonow
PHOTO: Mezcalent

During the talk with YouTuber Chente Ydrach, Baby Rasta highlighted the relevance of the street in the emergence of reggaeton.

He explained that the street was the original catalyst for reggaeton and expressed his regret for the way it is now perceived as commercial.

He referred to Shakira’s participation in this musical genre as an illustrative example of this transformation.

«Many people may hate the street, but the street adopted this first,» the urban singer began by saying to ‘offend’ Shakira.

He doesn’t accept Shakira

 Baby Rasta, reviews, interview, Chente Ydrach, mundonow
PHOTO: Mezcalent

The singer added in the interview on the YouTube platform: “It was driven by the street first. We were the street artists.»

«Not now. Now it’s commercial, now even Shakira does reggaeton,» he expressed along with the YouTuber who was processing Baby Rasta’s words.

His comments have generated a lot of controversy on social media, because let’s remember that the Colombian’s fans know how to defend her.

Remembering that when her separation from Piqué was announced, some of her followers came to her rescue when she was called «toxic.»

Baby Rasta is offended

marketing, Ricky Martin, lack of respect, social networks, mundonow
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Baby Rasta didn’t limit his criticism to just Shakira; He also targeted the famous Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin.

The reggaeton singer questioned Martin’s suitability to perform reggaeton, highlighting the artist’s lack of experience.

Since – as he had mentioned – the street environment is what makes you an exponent of the urban genre.

He even described it as a «lack of respect».

A lack of respect

defense, collaborations, economic success, debate, mundonow
Singer attacks Shakira. PHOTO: Mezcalent

«It’s a lack of respect. First let Ricky Martin do it, he’s ours» he commented.

«Ricky Martin sees the process of how the reggaeton genre grew and he hasn’t even dared to do it,» he said.

Given Baby Rasta’s criticism, social media were filled with responses in defense of Shakira.

Users argued that the Colombian artist contributed to the growth of the genre through collaborations with other artists.

They come out in defense of the Colombian

 fans, separation, Piqué, toxic, mundonow
Singer attacks Shakira. PHOTO: Mezcalent

Some internet users even compared the economic success of Shakira’s songs with the career of Baby Rasta.

This sparked a debate between the followers of both artists, as hers claimed that no one knows the singer and Shakira is a world star.

«Shakira was the one who promoted the collaborations between artists», «She can sing whatever she wants», wrote some netizens.

«One song of hers earned more than all of his music,» said those who follow the «Hips don’t lie» singer.

Is she offended?

internet, world star, singer, Colombian, mundonow
Singer attacks Shakira. PHOTO: Mezcalent

In this conflict, it is evident that the entry of Shakira and Ricky Martin into reggaeton has not only generated divergences in the artistic field.

But it has also fueled debate among the followers of these featured singers, generating an intense discussion among their fans.

Until now, Shakira has not come out to give statements about this. Her fans say that maybe she didn’t care.


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