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Signs that your belly bloat is not normal

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Is your bloating normal? A bloated belly is a problem many people have after eating a meal. Sometimes it can even make you feel lethargic and weak — that is not normal. It’s important to know when your bloating could be a sign of a bigger problem.

It’s certainly something we all experience from time to time, especially after a big holiday meal. And while it usually goes away on its own without much trouble, bloating shouldn’t always be dismissed as «normal,» according to The Sun.

How to identify if your bloating is not normal

Signs to identify if your swelling is not normal

There are some signs that your bloated belly could be cause for concern. Bloating is when your stomach feels larger and it’s sometimes painful or uncomfortable. One may feel gassy or experience stomach gurgling.

A little bloating is to be expected from time to time, Sammie Gill, a gastroenterology dietitian and research and development manager for the probiotic supplement brand Symprove, tells The Sun. For example, women are more likely to experience bloating around their periods as a result of hormonal fluctuations.

“It could be the gas produced by our intestinal microbes”

Signs identify swelling: "It may be the gas produced by our intestinal microbes"

When a person becomes bloated, it could be the result of a large amount of dietary fiber which is fermented by the intestine, causing more bloating and gas that can be released in the form of farts or burps. Sammie expalins: “There are several reasons why bloating occurs.»

«It may be the gas produced by our gut microbes, it may simply be down to the volume of food/fluid you’ve consumed, or it may be due to constipation.» The most common reason for bloating, which you can prevent yourself, is having a lot of gas in your intestines. Filed Under: Signs to identify bloating

“There are different types of bloating”

"There are different types of swelling"

This can be caused by some foods and drinks, such as some vegetables and fizzy drinks, or by swallowing air if you eat too quickly. Sammie explains, “There are different types of bloating – for example, bloating that is continuous or bloating that comes and goes during the day.»

“The former is less common. The latter can often be managed through diet and lifestyle.” There are four signs that Sammie noted as a reason to consult your doctor. “If you notice the bloating you’re experiencing is continuous, painful, excessive and/or is affecting you on a day-to-day basis, pop along and visit your GP,” she advised. Filed Under: Signs to identify bloating

Useful tips for people who are bloated

Useful tips for people who are inflamed
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Because bloating can sometimes be a byproduct of what we eat and how we eat it, Sammie said, “Chew your food well and slowly. Eat mindfully without distractions such as your phone, laptop or TV.” She advises people avoid chewing gum, foods with added sweeteners, and carbonated beverages to combat bloating.

“Avoid drinking large volumes of fruit juices or fruit smoothies. Eat smaller regular meals throughout the day, rather than large volumes of food in one go. Rule out food intolerances with the support of a dietitian or registered nutritionist,” she added. Filed Under: Signs to identify bloating

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