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Sueño millonario: Brief Success Stories

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  • Sueño millonario shares short success stories with you.
  • It’s a summary of some of the challenges these warriors faced.
  • They might be the missing piece for faith to shine in you.

You may have heard of these human beings. They are the ones who risk everything to reach the United States and endure the worst dangers that this entails at times.

Today we tell you a little about human beings who share their success stories briefly so you can see that it is possible to be successful and that it is not just a possible path.

These warriors went through many problems to, one, get to the United States and two, have something of their own.

From absolute investments to sneaking away without telling their parents, here are a few short success stories to encourage you to take action and have something of your own.

Without studying

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Some of our protagonists did not have the opportunity to finish their studies or only completed elementary school, or have no studies at all.

This, they say, was not a reason for impediment, but of fear, since they did not have the certainty of how they could have something without even knowing the basics.

Some say the best option was, first, to accept common jobs that did not require great knowledge but did require physical exertion.

However, they all have a curious common factor that is that, thanks to that, they were able to explore worlds and fields that were the starting points to get a job that made them think.


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All, without exception, saw potential in some of the jobs they were doing. For example, one of these individuals saw the possibility of creating something of their own by working on sidewalks.

When one of our protagonists worked in a hotel, one day she decides to bring a particular dish and it becomes a tremendous sensation, and the manager proposes a challenge that changes everything.

And another decides to completely risk himself to learn a completely different job from what he did in his native country to have better options and help others.

But this is not all they had to face in order to have something of their own, and it’s better to hear from them.


Woman, Helmet, Factory, Short success stories, Podcast

Help cannot be missing under any circumstances in this episode of short success stories, and our warriors share what they feel was an important factor for them to get where they are at this moment.

There is no greater privilege than that of having someone who has been through a lot share their knowledge, their successes, and their mistakes with you so that you have a better view of everything.

Although some of these sound obvious, they are still important, and they are also parts of something important in the process of having something of your own and keeping it.

Sueño millonario bids you farewell for the moment and hopes you join us to meet these warriors and their short success stories so you can be encouraged and see that it is possible to achieve even what has not been invented yet.

Sueño Millonario
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