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Shopping at Aldi: 10 reasons why it’s our new favorite way to save on groceries

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Have you gone shopping at Aldi? With 50 million customers monthly, one of Aldi’s main missions to offer a wide variety of food at low prices, without sacrificing quality. Its more than 2,000 stores in the United States are an indicator of how much customers like their prices, sales style and special options. Plus, it’s affordable for just about everyone. Find out more about shopping at Aldi.

It’s so easy

One of the main advantages that shopping at Aldi offers compared to other similar stores is that you can find everything you need without having to walk through a large number of aisles. The layout of the stores helps you to avoid distractions and it is easier to find all the products you need in a matter of minutes. Thus, you save time and money on each visit.

Shopping at Aldi is environmentally-friendly

Aldi food store


Aldi is notably committed to social and environmental responsibility, implementing internal policies so that both customers and employees obtain the maximum benefits. For example, something that makes this store stand out is their initiative to protect the environment and save costs for the consumer, which they achieve by not using plastic bags.

Organic foods

Shopping at Aldi is an experience that will satisfy every customer even if they normally shop at more expensive stores. There’s a good selection of organic fruits and vegetables. And that’s not the only advantage of this store: Since 2015, the company has removed all products with monosodium glutamate (MSG), synthetic dyes and trans fats from its shelves.

Efficient shopping

A woman shopping in a store

Aldi reduces the time you spend in the store by implementing strategically placed shelves, but also provides a unique experience with its coin-operated shopping cart system. The strategy implemented by Aldi works as a guarantee that the parking lot will be free of crowds, giving customers a faster purchase process.

Aldi Finds

Do you already know the benefits of Aldi Finds? It’s time to buy a lot with few dollars! Every week, the store promotes the sale of limited edition products at extremely low prices. With the Aldi Finds section, customers will be able to save a few dollars on each visit. And not only on food, but also on products such as toys, books and decorative items.

Variety of products

Aldi food store

At Aldi you won’t find price comparisons or promotions like BOGO. You won’t find big name brands or coupons to attract more customers, but this is offset by super low prices. Thus, the store can include a greater variety of products in different categories, especially foods such as fruits and vegetables, keeping costs low throughout the year.

Gluten-free selection

Do you suffer from food allergies or are you allergic to gluten? Then it’s time to go to your nearest Aldi to find the most suitable options for you at much more affordable prices than other supermarkets. Aldi’s LiveGFree line features more than 20 gluten-free items like cookies, pizza, pasta, pretzels, and bread and cake mixes at discounted prices!


A close shot of a shop cart

Among Aldi’s attractions is its “Twice as Nice” program, a guarantee that applies to all its Aldi-brand products in case customers are not satisfied with them. With this guarantee, you have the freedom to go to the Aldi where you made your purchase to obtain a refund or a replacement of the product.

Shopping at Aldi features interesting discounts

At Aldi you can find discounts on selected items, such as breads and other baked goods, as well as meats, that are about to reach their expiration date. This option is not available every day, but if you visit an Aldi on Wednesdays you could be surprised to arrive on the day when the old inventory is being removed to place the new products.

Aldi Weekly Ad

Aldi food store

Saving money at Aldi is practically a guarantee, especially when take advantage of the Aldi Weekly Ad. It’s a circular issued every Wednesday to announce the week’s special prices. This, coupled with already low food prices, makes Aldi one of the busiest stores around. Time to make your shopping list and see for yourself!

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