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Shoppers boycott Walmart over bad self-checkout experiences

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Shoppers boycott Walmart, store, retail, consumers, MundoNOW
Shoppers boycott Walmart (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Shoppers boycott Walmart over self-checkout.
  • Some complain about bad experiences.
  • Others appreciate the convenience.

Some shoppers have recommended boycotting a major retailer after growing tired of having bad self-checkout experiences.

As Walmart has embraced self-checkout as a cost-effective alternative to regular cashiers, many shoppers across the country have complained about the machines.

Some have even decided to stop shopping in stores where they are most used due to various problems they have experienced when using self-checkout.

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Self-checkout kiosks can lead to long lines, incorrectly priced items or buyers being wrongly accused of theft, The Sun detailed.

Additionally, shoppers shared the difficulties of self-checkout in a recent Reddit thread about the decision to reverse the machines’ rollout.

«The self-checkout reversal is growing,» says the original reddit post.

Dozens of people responded to the news: «Walmart makes you line up to show them your receipt even if you didn’t use self-check,» one customer commented.

Some shoppers boycott Walmart

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Several people upvoted the comment and left their own responses: «You don’t have to stop, at Sam’s and Costco you do because those are private memberships,» one person said.

«Be warned. Some retailers will put you on an internal list (for being kinda sus),” another user responded.

«I don’t recommend skipping the receipt line. I recommend boycotting Walmart altogether,” another customer commented on the thread.

Other people have agreed that they would prefer to boycott a store than be forced to use self-checkout, according to The Sun.

Problems with self-checkout

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«All the more reason to do online ordering yeah. At least you can skip the thief treatment,” responded one more person on the subject.

The discussion began after a user shared a CNN Business article about the «self-checkout reversal» trend.

The same thing has emerged in some other national chain stores in the United States.

For instance, Dollar General stores announced a plan to reduce the use of self-checkout machines in December.

Consumer concerns and comments

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«We had started to rely too much this year on self-checkout in our stores,» Dollar General CEO Todd Vasos, said earlier this year, according to The Sun.

“We should be using self-checkout as a secondary checkout vehicle, not a primary,” he added in his statement.

Shoppers have expressed frustration at poor self-checkout experiences, sharing their preference for boycotting stores that implement it excessively.

The discussion reflects a growing trend to rethink the use of self-checkout as the primary payment method in retail stores.

A challenge for retailers

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Shoppers continue to share negative experiences and advice to avoid uncomfortable situations.

Stores, aware of these concerns, are reviewing their policies to ensure a more satisfactory shopping experience for their customers.

In an increasingly digitalized market, where convenience and customer experience are essential, companies face great challenges.

The discussion about self-checkout highlights the importance of listening to the needs and consumer concerns, noted The Sun.

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