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Shooting reported at The Hub in Peachtree Center, Atlanta

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Shooting Reported at Peachtree Center, Atlanta, Injured, Police- Tiroteo, Peachtree Center Mall, Heridos, Policía, MundoNOW
Shooting Reported at Peachtree Center, Atlanta (Photo: AP)
  • Shooting Reported at Peachtree Center, Atlanta
  • Four People Injured
  • Atlanta Police Aware of the Incident

The Atlanta Police are conducting an investigation following a shooting that occurred on Tuesday.

The incident took place in a food court at the heart of downtown, specifically at The Hub, located in Peachtree Center.

The incident, which left four people injured, has caused great commotion in the community and mobilization of city authorities.

This area is known for numerous large hotels and office skyscrapers, raising concerns among people.


Shooting, Peachtree Center Mall, Injured, Police, Shooting Reported at Peachtree Center, Atlanta
Shooting Reported at Peachtree Center, Atlanta -Photo: AP

According to information provided by 11Alive, authorities have confirmed that all victims are alert, conscious, and breathing.

This provides some relief, although the situation remains serious and is being treated with the highest priority.

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Through social media, the Atlanta Police provided a report on the unfolding events.

«The Atlanta Police Department can confirm that officers are investigating several people shot at 235 Peachtree St NW. Please avoid the area,» highlighted.

What is known about the suspect in the Peachtree Center Shooting?

In an official statement, the Atlanta Police indicated that the suspect is believed to be among the injured.

This development could simplify the investigation, as identification and interrogation of the alleged attacker could quickly provide answers about the causes and circumstances of the shooting.

Furthermore, Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens used the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) to report on the incident.

In his message, he reiterated that the shooting occurred in a high-traffic area, highlighting the need to strengthen security measures in these critical city spots.

What details are available about the shooting?

So far, authorities have not revealed specific details about who wounded the initial shooter or what might have motivated the shooting.

The lack of clear information about what triggered the incident leaves many questions unanswered.

However, the police are working diligently to gather all available evidence and reconstruct the events that led to the shooting in Atlanta.

The Associated Press reported that several blocks of Peachtree Street were blocked off with crime scene tape.

Terrifying Moments Broadcast!

Elizabeth Ingram, from Atlanta, was leaving the break room of the Chick-fil-A where she works when she heard the first shots nearby, she told AP.

«We relaxed for a minute and then heard more shots,» she said. «So we went back down.»

«You never know what can happen,» she said. «It just happened out of nowhere. It was so frightening that I thought I was never going to get home to my son and that scared me. My heart was beating very fast.»

The shooting at Peachtree Center has generated a wave of reactions on social media, where users shared moments that marked this incident.

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