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Disgruntled worker kills 2 at a Pennsylvania linen company

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Shooting at Pennsylvania company, Shooting, USA, Philadelphia, Chester- Tiroteo en empresa de Pensilvania, Balacera, EEUU, Filadelfia, Chester
Shooting at linen company (Photo: The Associated Press)
  • Shooting at Pennsylvania linen company.
  • A disgruntled worker killed 2 employees.
  • The suspect was arrested.

A shooting by a disgruntled worker in Chester, Pennsylvania, resulted in two deaths.

According to authorities, two Latino workers were killed and three others were injured.

The incident took place at Delaware County Linen, located near Philadelphia, on the morning of Wednesday, May 22.

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Shooting at linen company in Pennsylvania

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Photo: Shutterstock

The shooting occurred around 8:30 am (local time) on Wednesday in the city of Chester, about 18 miles south of Philadelphia.

The assailant, whose identity has not yet been disclosed, fled the scene, according to The Associated Press.

However, he was captured shortly after during a traffic stop in nearby Trainer, according to Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer.

Authorities confirmed that the deceased victims were employees of Delaware County Linen, a company that manufactures bedding.

Attack at Delaware County Linen

Shooting, Weapons, USA, Authorities, Suspect
Photo: Shutterstock

«Two people, unfortunately, lost their lives simply by showing up to work today,» Jack Stollsteimer told the press.

Chester Mayor Stefan Roots emphasized the need to address gun violence and its links to mental health issues.

«It speaks to guns in America. Violence is always unpredictable,» declared Roots.

«We don’t know what conditions people are under, in a city that’s impoverished like ours,» the mayor added.

The mayor’s call to action

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Chaos, Arrest, Shooting
Photo: Shutterstock

The mayor urged state lawmakers to take concrete steps to prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands.

«There had to be some type of mental health issue that would have an employee walk into his workplace on a day of work and take out his anger in such a violent way,» he said.

«[T]o not just the boss, but his coworkers, who he probably worked side-by-side with for years.”,» concluded Stefan Roots following the tragedy in Pennsylvania.

Three people remain hospitalized, and according to the police, it has been reported that at least one of them is in critical condition.

Community impact

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Photo: Shutterstock

The community was shocked by the incident, especially since the company had been part of the neighborhood for over 30 years.

Some nearby residents expressed surprise and concern about the unexpected violence in an area generally considered quiet.

Company employees told local media that the shooter was known for problematic behavior.

Apparently the incident began as an argument among several coworkers, including the shooter.

Debate on gun regulation

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Fatal shooting at linen company / Photo: Shutterstock

According to Eric Spencer, an employee of the company, the situation escalated quickly when the aggressor began shooting indiscriminately at his co-workers.

Authorities have not yet revealed the identity of the victims, only that two were Hispanic.

It is important to note that the name of the alleged attacker, who has been arrested, has also not been disclosed, according to The Associated Press.

The shooting has raised concerns in the community and fueled the debate on firearm regulation and mental health care.

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