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Sherwin Mireles was shot to death for helping a friend (PHOTOS)

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Sherwin Mireles shot to death (Photo: GoFundMe)
  • Sherwin Mireles was shot and killed while helping a good friend.
  • The young man was looking for the truck stolen from his comrade in Texas.
  • A Hispanic man is already detained after the brutal crime in Houston.

Sherwin Mireles was shot and killed in Houston, Texas, while independently investigating the theft of a friend’s truck.

The shooting death of 21-year-old Sherwin Mireles rocked the Hispanic community in the eastern part of the Houston metropolitan area.

Jorge Zúñiga Martínez, 49, has been arrested and charged with murder in connection with the crime, awaiting his first court appearance at the Harris County Jail.

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Sherwin Mireles sacrificed his life to help a friend

Sherwin Mireles, Hispanic, death, homicide, murder
PHOTO: By Sherwin Mireles. PHOTO: Taken from GoFundMe.

The story surrounding Sherwin Mireles’s death is highly complex, as it may involve ties to organized crime in auto theft in Texas.

Judge Aaron Burdett of Criminal Court 486 in Harris County will preside over the case against Jorge Zúñiga Martínez for killing Sherwin Mireles.

Sherwin Mireles’s friend’s truck was stolen in the eastern part of the Houston metropolitan area, although the exact time and location are not detailed.

The young man and his friend discovered that the truck was at a lot on 14000 Brownsville Street where vehicles are dismantled.

Jorge Zúñiga Martínez fired several bullets at the young man

shooting, shooting, murderer, hispanic, latino
PHOTO: Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

That location in the Cloverleaf neighborhood is well-known among residents as a ‘chop shop,’ where there are scraps from many cars.

One of the biggest mysteries of the case is how Sherwin Mireles and his friend found out that the truck was about to be dismantled at that ‘chop shop.’

Another detail, still under investigation by authorities, is how the stolen truck ended up right at that ‘chop shop’ in Cloverleaf.

On Monday, May 6, 2024, at 5:00 in the morning, young Shawn Mireles jumped over the fence of the ‘chop shop’ to retrieve the truck.

The authorities came to investigate the crime

Sherwin Mireles, Hispanic, death, homicide, murder
PHOTO: Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Suddenly, Jorge Zúñiga Martínez emerged from among the cars, armed with a pistol, and confronted Shawn Mireles. The young man apologized.

However, Jorge Zúñiga Martínez was not swayed by reason nor did he accept the apologies of the Hispanic man, who explained that he only wanted to retrieve his friend’s truck.

Under the first light of dawn, Mr. Jorge Zúñiga Martínez unloaded his pistol against young Sherwin Mireles, who fell severely wounded.

The brutal shooting in the early morning hours alerted the neighbors, and especially Sherwin Mireles’s friend. Someone dialed the emergency number.

The detainee has a history of car theft in Texas

Texas, agents, death, homicide, jail
PHOTO: Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) swiftly responded to investigate the loud gunfire.

The prompt arrival of HCSO deputies allowed them to apprehend Jorge Zúñiga Martínez before he could escape, and they captured him with the weapon.

When paramedics arrived at the Cloverleaf ‘chop shop,’ they were unable to assist young Sherwin Mireles, and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Jorge Zúñiga Martínez refuses to disclose to HCSO authorities where he is from or provide details about the ‘chop shop.’

«We are left with unexpected pain»

Sherwin Mireles, Hispanic, death, homicide, murder
PHOTO: Special for MundoNow for journalistic purposes.

There’s revealing information in the crime, as Jorge Zúñiga Martínez has previous convictions in Texas for auto theft. The case remains under investigation.

Brianda Reyes, a friend of the slain young man, opened the Sherwin Mireles account on the GoFundMe social media to help his family with the funeral after the brutal crime.

«We lost our dear friend this Monday morning, and we are left with unexpected pain,» Reyes wrote, full of grief over the terrible murder.

«We want to ask for help to give Sherwin the tribute he deserves, as we know he was a good person who didn’t deserve this,» the message details.

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