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Terrifying: A shark eats a swimmer alive in Sydney (VIDEO)

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  • A shark eats a swimmer alive.
  • The incident occurred in the waters near Sydney, Australia.
  • “Someone just got eaten by a shark!”

Many say that the shark is the most dangerous predator that exists on earth because it kills more than any other animal. Many people have been preyed upon by this dangerous creature which waits for just the right moment to attack its victims.

A tragic death occurred in the waters near Sydney, Australia, on Wednesday afternoon, February 16, when a ferocious shark attacked a person who was swimming. The images were taken by another swimmer who was on shore filming the horrible tragedy, according to The Sun.

Shark eats swimmer alive

Shark eats swimmer alive

A swimmer was brutally killed by a great white shark as he was trying to come back to shore from deep waters. A video is circulating on social media where the man is seen swimming for his life, but he doesn’t make it. The shark caught him and ate him alive.

According to some media reports, police said they recovered human remains in the water after emergency crews responded to reports of a great white shark attack at Buchan Point in Malabar. The incident happened at around 4:30 in the afternoon.

The creature devoured him

Shark eats alive swimmer: The creature reaches it to devour it

The video is terrifying. In it one can see the white shark attacking the person who was swimming in the water. As time passed, the ocean waves turned red due to the blood of the victim who was trying to flee for his life.

On the shore, a man was recording and trying to call for help: “Someone has just been eaten by a shark!” the man shouted in the video. He added that it was a “great white shark. That’s crazy.” The terrifying screams can be heard in the audio recording.

“He suffered catastrophic injuries”

Shark Eat Alive Swimmer: "suffered catastrophic injuries"

When the authorities arrived at the scene to find the remains of the swimmer, a police officer said on the radio: “The images clearly show a body, half a body, being taken by a shark,” adding that the first rescuers who responded “found some remains.”

“Unfortunately, this person suffered catastrophic injuries as a result of the attack and there was nothing the paramedics could do when we arrived on the scene,” New South Wales Ambulance Inspector Lucky Phrachanh said, according to

“We heard a scream and turned around”

"We heard a scream and turned around"

The attack was reportedly the first shark death in Sydney since 1963. Kris Linto, a witness who watched as the beast attacked the man trying to escape, told the media that the shark attacked the swimmer “vertically.”

“We heard a scream and turned around, it looked like a car had landed in the water, a big splash, then the shark was biting the body and there was blood everywhere. It was really bad,” he added. In the video it’s not possible to see this witness, since many tried to help the victim. Filed Under: Shark Eats Swimmer Alive

They say that it was horrifying

They claim that it was a terrible moment

The mayor of the Sydney suburb of Randwick, Dylan Parker, said the community was shocked: “The coast is the backyard of our community. Little Bay is normally such a peaceful and beautiful place, enjoyed by families. Losing someone to a shark like this is disturbing. We are all in shock.”

Another witness said he was fishing when he saw a man wearing a wetsuit swimming across the bay before the horrific attack. “He was screaming at first, and then when he went down, there was a lot of splashing,” the man said to the media. “It was terrible. I’m shaking. I keep throwing up. It’s very, very disturbing.” TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE . Filed Under: Shark Eats Swimmer Alive

The search continued into the night

The search continued at certain hours of the night

It is worth mentioning that on Wednesday night, a rescue helicopter continued to fly over the area. Search teams put a green colorant in the water to find out which way the currents were moving as they tried to find more remains.

The Department for Primary Industries (DPI) said “smart” drums could be deployed in the area to monitor and capture any sharks, which would then be relocated away from the shore. “We will continue to work with NSW Police and Surf Life Saving NSW to monitor the area and provide technical advice and resources if needed,” a spokesperson said. Filed Under: Shark Eats Swimmer Alive

Sadness over the man’s death

mourn the death of the man

“DPI extends its sincerest condolences to family, friends and first responders at this tragic time,” added the department, after conducting the corresponding investigations. In the same way, they have already taken the precautions to alert people if there are more sharks in the area.

The spokesperson advised beachgoers to download the NSW SharkSmart app, which allows people to check the latest shark sightings by Surf Life Saving drones and electronic detections of tagged sharks. Filed Under: Shark Eats Swimmer Alive

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