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La Huella OVNI: Is there a connection between UFOs and shamans?

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  • La Huella OVNI explores the connection between UFOs and shamans.
  • The sky has always been a common topic across various old cultures.
  • It’s likely that our planet has seen these strange beings for a while now.

In this interesting chapter, Jorge Luis Sucksdorf takes us into an exciting world of mystery and connection between shamans, mind trips, and UFO sightings.

Maru C starts by asking a question, which makes us think about how these different experiences might actually be connected.

The author starts by showing the breadth and interest of this subject, which has been a topic of study and debate for many years.

This introduction prepares readers to delve deep into the connection between shamans and UFO events.

Similarities between shamans and UFOs

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To explain this, Sucksdorf tells about a talk he had with Juan Oscar Pérez, a cowboy from Santa Fe, who saw something strange in the 70s.

Pérez talked about seeing a round ship with tall and short creatures that touched him.

This made him feel something similar to what people in his Guaraní family felt. But the word «shaman» might not be the right term since it comes from stories about Siberia.

He calls these people local spiritual leaders who had dreams about the future and other strong dreams.

Shamans connect with mysterious lights

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The author also talks about his own visit to Patagonia, where he met with Mapuche families.

They told him how their community’s shamans always felt a special bond with lights they believed were from their gods.

The link between shamans and these lights can be found in many cultures over time.

What’s interesting is that stories about stars and lights coming from them are told all around the world.

Lights in the sky in ancient cultures

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From places like Japan, old America, Europe, and Australia, there are always stories about things coming down from the stars.

This same kind of story being told over and over makes us wonder: how are these stories related to UFO sightings?

Sucksdorf doesn’t say for sure they’re aliens, but he talks about how different cultures see the same things and don’t understand them.

He also talks about how modern people react to new tech they don’t get and how old people thought gods came from the stars.

The sky is always present

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This comparison suggests that when facing change and the unknown, humanity often seeks explanations in the divine and the alien.

Ultimately, Sucksdorf thinks there’s a mystery driving us to gaze at the stars.

This mystery might be related to beings visiting us from other places, or it could be a spiritual matter we don’t fully understand yet.

Regardless of the final explanation, all people of the planet seem to point in the same direction: towards the stars.

Mysteries to be solved

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In a world of constant technological evolution, perhaps we should learn to look, understand, and listen as our ancestors did.

Perhaps in those old tales are lessons we haven’t completely grasped yet.

This, undoubtedly, also sparks intrigue about our origin.

In summary, Jorge Luis Sucksdorf’s account invites us to explore the connections between shamans, UFO phenomena, and humanity’s age-old fascination with lights descending from the stars.

La Huella Ovni
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