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Shakira’s Zumba teacher reveals a secret about Gerard Piqué (VIDEO)

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  • Shakira’s Zumba teacher reveals a secret about the former couple.
  • What did the Colombian singer say about Piqué?
  • «I don’t think you’re Catalan.»

Shakira and Gerard Piqué have had constant problems since their split, to such an extent that months later they’re still generating controversy. Now, Shakira’s former Zumba teacher reveals something the Colombian singer said about her ex when they were still married.

The Spanish show Primeras Citas brings together various celebrity guests for a conversations. On this occasion the guest was Juan Manuel Vera, Shakira’s former Zumba teacher.

Shakira’s Zumba teacher spills secrets

Shakira's Zumba teacher says the unexpected about Piqué

The 43-year-old teacher, better known as Juanma, revealed something Shakira said when she was still married to Piqué. He also talked about what it was like teaching her.

First, the dancer complimented the singer, saying: “She is very pretty, she is very kind, a very, very hard worker and with me she was always wonderful. Made it very easy for me. She wanted a lot of cardio work and she required me to put on choreos,» he told Cuatro.

«I believe that the secret is perseverance»

Zumba teacher Shakira Piqué:

Juanma said he was surprised that the international artist of international asked him for dance classes, since she has a unique style: «I couldn’t imagine that she would need classes, if she dances everything!» he said.

Then he was asked about Shakira’s secret to moving so well: «I think the secret is perseverance. She is a very hard-working woman, she is a woman who knows very well what she wants and, above all, it was very easy for me to work with her because she was very fast… I would teach her the choreography and she would catch on in a second. For me she was like a crack,» said the Zumba teacher.

What did he say about Piqué?

What did he say about the footballer?

Then he revealed that in 2015, while Shakira was pregnant with her second child, the teacher came to their house in Barcelona for her Zumba classes. However, that was not all he said.

Juanma said something that the Latin singer had told him when he was at her house. Channel Cuatro showed the video where the dancer repeated what Shakira said.

“It was a very funny comment”

"It was such a funny comment"

He said Shakira made a joke about Piqué: “It was a very funny comment… it wasn’t a confession, it was like a joke in which it left me in a very good place. Now you give me a soccer ball, you’d freak out because I’m terrible at soccer.»

The subject came up because Juanma had mentioned that he was also from Barcelona and Shakira said she couldn’t believe he was Catalan. «I don’t think you’re Catalan because I’m married to a Catalan and he doesn’t move like that,» she said.

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