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Shakira’s response after Piqué called her «Latin American» in an interview

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  • Piqué gave his first statements after the frequent attacks he receives.
  • He started a controversy after calling Shakira Latin American.
  • Shakira responds to her ex.

In a recent interview that El Gordo y La Flaca shared on instagram, Piqué was asked about the constant attacks he receives on social media since his split from Shakira began making headlines.

«My ex is Latin American and you don’t know what I have come to receive on social media from people who are her fans and who say a lot of nonsense. I don’t care about them, really, it’s zero, because I don’t know them at all. They’re people who are there, they have no life and that’s why they are there,” Gerard Piqué began.

Gerard Piqué speaks for the first time about the attacks he gets on social media

Shakira's response to Piqué Latin AmericanPhoto: Instagram

What nobody expected was that Shakira would immediately react to Gerard Piqué’s comments so the controversy flared up again between them, causing internet users to express their opinions about the former soccer player.

“And what importance do you have to give them, that’s zero. You’ll never meet them in your life, they are like robots, I treat it like that, and mentally this is very healthy. And we think that if they see you’re worried and responding, they think they’ve won, and when they see that you are indifferent, that’s when it kills them with rage.” he added.

Shakira spoke out after Piqué’s remarks

Shakira's response to Piqué Latin American
Photo: Instagram

After Shakira learned what Piqué had said about her, the Colombian singer took to social media to respond to the former Barcelona defender, especially regarding something that he may have meant as an insult but amkes the Colombian singer proud.

Shakira tweeted a brief but clear message about what Piqué said during the interview gave to Jijantes where he addressed the issue of the harassment that he receives from the Colombian’s fans.

Shakira’s powerful response to Piqué after he called her Latin American

break the silence
Photo: Twitter

Shakira tweeted: «Proud to be Latin American.» The La Tortura singer also included Latin American flags.

As expected, internet users quickly reacted: «This post made my night.» «We are proud.» «Thank God I was born in Latin America.» «As if Latinos were less.» «What was the point of him mentioning that his ex-partner is Latin American?» «Your children are proudly the children of a Latin American.»

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