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Shakira’s former dancer joins those who accuse her of mistreating her employees

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Shakira's former dancer accuses her of mistreatment (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Shakira’s former dancer accuses her of mistreating employees.
  • What new trouble is the singer facing?
  • Could this lawsuit escalate further?

Following the release of Shakira’s latest song, ‘El Jefe,’ it seems that several of her former employees have come forward with grievances.

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Shakira is accused of mistreating her employees again

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PHOTO: Getty Images

Jenny García is a renowned dancer who rose to fame on Venga la Alegría and gained further recognition through the YouTube program La Saga.

During her appearance on Hoy, García opened up about her experiences and talked about the alleged mistreatment she endured while working with Shakira.

It’s worth noting that Jenny García, a celebrated dancer and choreographer, was a part of the Venga la Alegría dance troupe for 13 years.

However, in February 2019, she left the TV Azteca morning show.

The dancer says Shakira didn’t want to pay her

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PHOTO: Getty Images

During her appearance on the YouTube program, Jenny expressed that her initial admiration for Shakira changed once she had the chance to meet her in person.

Furthermore, she alleged that despite dancing at several concerts with Shakira at the Palacio de los Deportes, she never received payment for her work.

«I did twelve dates, and I never got paid. And I’ll tell you something, I would have worked with her without pay, but it was the way she treated us dancers,» she lamented.

«She would turn her face away from us, wouldn’t say thank you, scolded us frequently, and even removed us from the stage,» she revealed.

Shakira allegedly kicked Jenny Garcia out of her dressing room

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PHOTO: Mezcalent

Her words on La Saga were unequivocal: «I worked with the lady, and I no longer have the same respect for her after working with her.»

«She kicked me out of my dressing room, and I was left half-naked at the Sports Palace. She even entered my bathroom because the lady’s restroom was out of order, and security escorted us out,» she recounted.

«She came and went without a word of thanks or an apology. Moreover, outside the dressing room, she told the security personnel, ‘If she wants, we don’t need to speak to her,'» she recalled.

«The security staff, the press, and everyone else walked by, and I watched them with frustration,» she added.

Shakira is accused of treating her employees badly

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PHOTO: Mezcalent

She continued, with obvious indignation, stating, «That’s not respect. A simple, ‘Ladies, Can I use your restroom, thank you, and I apologize’ would have sufficed.»

«But the way she treated us was truly disappointing,» Jenny concluded about Shakira’s behavior.

Jenny ultimately said she felt that Shakira’s actions revealed a lack of respect for others.

In closing, the former dancer who worked with the Colombian singer pointedly stated, «Let her preach through her music.»

Shakira is reported to be stingy

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

Cristina Cárdenas, a former employee of Shakira, has accused the Colombian singer of being stingy.

She recently gave an exclusive interview to the Spanish program Vamos a Ver, and she revealed surprising details about the star.

In the interview, Cárdenas said she believes Shakira does not treat her employees well.

She went on to complain the the singer regularly mistreats her employees.

What is going on with the Colombian singer?

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

Cristina Cárdenas worked alongside Shakira as the representation coordinator during the filming of advertisements in Spain.

Cárdenas emphasized that she held this position for four years, working with Shakira on various shoots.

«You won’t believe it, and you won’t hear enough of Asturian fabada. Shakira is the stingiest woman you’ve ever met,» stated the former employee.

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