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Is Shakira desperate for attention? She wears a coat that people say resembles a toilet seat

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  • Is Shakira running out tactics for getting attention?
  • The Colombian singer was photographed in a coat that resembled a toilet seat.
  • Is the public turning on her?

Is Shakira trying to move on from the Piqué scandal and grab attention with her fashion choices? Many people are beginning to wonder about this in light of the singer’s recent appearances at various fashion shows, wearing unusual outfits.

Adding to the intrigue, Shakira seems to be engaging in a subtle “competition” with Jennifer Lopez. The Bronx Diva wore a dress with the word “NO” prominently displayed on her torso five years ago. Interestingly, Shakira wore a similar outfit during a fashion show in 2023, which has undoubtedly garnered attention but also criticism.

Does Shakira want to attract attention at all costs?

Shakira desperate?
Getty Images

Following her public split from Piqué amidst rumors of infidelity, Shakira has found herself back in the spotlight. For years, she had been overshadowed by her relationship with the former soccer player, and her musical career was not at its peak. However, this recent turn of events has brought her back to the fame she was accustomed to.

In an attempt to regain her prominence, Shakira has been dropping hints about her ex through videos and songs. Recently, she attended various fashion events in France, seizing the opportunity to enjoy the spotlight once again. However, her choice of unconventional outfits has sparked criticism from some quarters, suggesting that the novelty of her publicity tactics may be waning.

The toilet seat coat

controversial dress
Getty Images

Shakira’s presence at fashion week created quite a buzz. She was invited by designers Viktor & Rolf and donned one of their iconic coats, which was white with gold trim. The trench featured a three-dimensional “NO” across the front. Numerous media outlets, including La Mesa Caliente, shared photos of Shakira in the coat.

People immediately commented: “You can see her age now… friend.” “JLO used that outfit in the remix video of BOOT YOU by Nio García. Nothing new.” “I didn’t like it with the letters in front.” “Shaki needs a good stylist, her hair is very damaged.” “For more success after professional success… you always see sadness in her eyes, in her smile.”

Was she trying to copy JLo?

Shakira fashion week
Getty Images

Despite the comments about Shakira’s appearance, many people admire her resilience and determination to attend such events despite the challenges she has faced in her personal life in recent years. They applauded her for embracing opportunities that she may have previously rejected.

While the designers meant they coat as a statement saying ‘NO’ to fast fashion and ever-changing trends, people had mixed opinions about Shakira wearing it. “I don’t like it, but to each their own.” “Well, what’s the problem if JLo used it, live and let live, well now Shakira is using it.” “It’s a toilet.” “It doesn’t look like much because it’s very haute couture.” “It looks like a toilet.”

Shakira attracts attention

Do you want attention?
Getty Images

It’s worth noting that Shakira also wore other more understated designer outfits like pants and jumpsuits. Still, the ‘NO’ trench coat got the most comments online.

People commented on La Mesa Caliente’s Instagram post: “What a pity, copying JLo.” “Horrible shoes, they don’t match and the hair doesn’t match either.” “No, no, no and no.” “What a strange coat.” “JLo wore that dress 4 years ago.” “C’mon, Shakira.” “What ugly feet and it seems that she cuts her nails too short and that makes them look uglier.” “Horrible Shakira, not classy at all, Clara Chia beats you in that area.”

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