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Shakira issues a surprising statement about her children

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Shakira lanza 'inesperado' comunicado relacionado a sus hijos
  • Shakira issues a surprising statement about her children.
  • The singer has a request for the media.
  • She asks for consideration towards her family.

Shakira issues a surprising statement about her children. Now that the singer is beginning a new phase of her life, along with Sasha and Milan, in Miami, she has made an important request of the media.

After her controversial split from Gerard Piqué, Shakira left Spain with her children and moved to Miami, Florida. Now that she’s arrived in the US, she’s ready to start a new chapter.

Shakira issues  a surprising statement about her children

Shakira launches 'unexpected' statement related to her children
PHOTO Instagram

The Colombian singer shared a couple of photographs on Instagram with the text: «Dear friends, journalists and the media.» She wrote the message in Spanish and English.

“At this moment of changes in my life as a public figure, it is understandable that there is a permanent curiosity from the press around me and my family. Yet my children, Milan and Sasha have lived a very difficult year, suffering an incessant siege and relentless pursuit by paparazzi and various media in Barcelona,” she begins.

Shakira wants to protect Sasha and Milan

Petition on behalf of your children
PHOTO Instagram

The Colombian singer said she understood people are interested in her life, however she asked for consideration for her little ones. «As they begin a new phase in their lives, I urge the media on behalf of my children to please respect their right to privacy.»

«I extend this petition no longer as an artist, but as a mother who wants to protect and care for the psychological and emotional wellbeing of her children so that they can live a healthy and happy life, as every child deserves,» she concluded.

Shakira is criticized for asking the media to respect her children’s privacy

They criticize her after asking for privacy for her children
PHOTO Instagram

Shakira’s followers immediately commented on the post. Some people offered her support, however some were critical. “But if you are the one who exposes your personal life to the public and the whole world, looking for money and numbers, it is you who has released 3 songs since you broke up with Piqué, exposing your privacy and your personal problems with your audience, what are you talking about…?”

«When you stop making songs talking about the father of your children, they will surely stop making notes and following you so that you talk about it.” “As a mother I understand you, but place your hand on your heart and think who put the children in that situation… Well, you lashed out at their father and grandparents with your songs.” These are just some of the comments left on Shakira’s Instagram post.

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