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Is it because of Piqué? Shakira looks devastated while grocery shopping (VIDEO)

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Shakira y Piqué y Clara Chía
  • Did Shakira find out that her children spent time with Piqué’s girlfriend?
  • The Colombian singer looked devastated while grocery shopping.
  • Piqué destroyed Shakira and she plans revenge.

It’s been a tough few months for Shakira since the announcement of her divorce from Piqué because of his infidelity with Clara Chía. Her father has also been in ill health after a spectacular fall, but the last straw was the fact that the footballer’s new girlfriend has already spent time with their children.

Lately Shakira has posted messages on social media that seem to point to what the singer is going through as a result of her divorce from Piqué, with whom she still has communication about custody of their children. She wants to move away from Spain and the footballer doesn’t, so negotiations between the two continue.

Shakira is still very hurt by what Piqué did

shakira devastated

«It was not your fault, nor was it my fault, it was the fault of the monotony,» reads a series of posts that Shakira has shared on Instagram for several days while the media shows her ex Piqué walking around the streets of Spain and France, showing off his love for the young Clara Chía, who is practically half Shakira’s age

Photos of Clara Chía were leaked where she looks very happy in a field with Shakira and Piqué’s children. This sparked indignation among Shakira’s fans who think that the footballer should not allow the young woman to spend time with Milan and Sasha. Now there’s a video of Shakira looking devastated while grocery shopping.

Shakira is devastated

Shakira in the supermarket

In the short video shared on her Instagram account, Shakira looks more devastated than ever with a messy bun, large sunglasses glasses, baggy pants and a flowered trench coat, as she walks down a supermarket aisle with a basket full of items.

It has been a very difficult time for the Colombian singer, who said that she never expected Piqué to do what he did since she left her entire life as a Miami-based singer to move to Spain so he could fulfill his dream of playing professionally. In return, he was unfaithful multiple times.

Monotony invaded the Colombian singer’s relationship with Piqué

I hammered left it destroyed

In the video shared by Shakira herself on Instagram, the description «It became a routine,» appears, referring without a doubt to her 12-year relationship with Piqué. It is also a line from her new song called Monotonía that will be released on October 19 and the footballer should prepare himself for what’s coming.

Just as people discovered that Te felicito was for Piqué and that made the song a huge hit, it is expected that now with all the drama of their separation, Shakira will return to the top of the music charts with this new song and her next album that is about to be released.

A good revenge strategy

Monotony is for Piqué

While Piqué is seen with his girlfriend Clara Chía spending time with the soccer player’s children, Shakira is preparing a «direct attack» to have her «revenge» on them with her song Monotonía. It’s a collaboration with Ozuna and the two made the video over a month ago.

Fans immediately began to comment: “From the worst disappointments, come the greatest blessings!” “Mami let go of that.” “Stone thrown at Piqué.” “The one who leaves loses and the one who stays wins: freedom, independence and self-love.” “I still haven’t heard it and I’m already identified.” “Shaki, let go of what makes you desperate.” “The continuation of Chantaje.” “Hahajsjsj, you are the best at monetizing.” “Here applies my favorite phrase, ‘The harder you fall, the higher you bounce’!!!!!” “Shak with this song is going to bury her ex, Karol G’s, mine and everyone’s hahahahaha.” HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF SHAKIRA DEVASTATED. Some images of this note come from this video and this video.

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