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Shakira is said to be «devastated» after discovering more details about Piqué’s «betrayal» (PHOTOS)

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  • Shakira continues to learn of more betrayals by Piqué.
  • Video proves that the footballer was unfaithful when they were «happier than ever».
  • Piqué continues to receive massive hate for ‘betraying’ the singer.

When Shakira broke up with Gerard Piqué, many people supported her because there was much speculation about alleged infidelity on the part of the footballer. And shortly after, the Spaniard had already started a relationship with another woman.

Apparently, Shakira continues to suffer because of her ex’s betrayal during their relationship that lasted more than 10 years. According to various media, the singer continues to find out about betrayals that occurred when she was with Piqué.

Why Shakira is unwell

always wanted a daughter
PHOTO: Getty Images

A source close to the singer told Page Six, that Shakira is ‘devastated’ after learning more details of Piqué’s ‘infidelities’. All this arose because the fans of the Colombian singer leaked a video of his current girlfriend, Clara Chía Martí.

In these images, the soccer player’s girlfriend is on Zoom and, in the background, it can be clearly seen that they are at the Colombian singer’s home. Filed Under: Shakira betrayed by Piqué

Clara Chía’s shadow continues to stalk her…

They assure that Shakira is devastated
PHOTO: Getty Images

The images of Clara Chía at Shakira’s house were recorded while the Moscas en la casa singer was traveling, according to the outlet. It should be noted that this is not the first time that these types of details about Clara Chía have been revealed.

The worst thing about the situation is that the source mentions that this happened while the Colombian singer and the Spanish soccer player were «completely happy». Shakira is «devastated to learn that this woman clearly felt at home in the house they shared with their children,» the anonymous source told Page Six. Filed Under: Shakira betrayed by Piqué

Piqué has been getting massive hate

They assure that Shakira is devastated

PHOTO: Getty Images

Gerard Piqué’s infidelity sparked massive hatred among millions of people, so much so that a few months ago, while the footballer was on the field, thousands booed him, «humiliated» him and even played songs by Shakira at full volume.

Now, and although it is speculated that the famous star is devastated after learning of her ex’s betrayals, Shakira is about to release a new song which is also said to be dedicated to her ex. Some of the lyrics read: «A wolf like me, she is no longer for guys like you,» according to Semana. Filed Under: Shakira betrayed by Piqué

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