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Shakira avoids a tax trial and reaches an agreement with Spanish authorities

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Shakira avoids a tax trial (PHOTO The Associated Press)
  • Shakira avoids millionaire tax trial
  • Decision for the well-being of children
  • Fine covers tax fraud

The famous Colombian singer, Shakira, avoided being prosecuted for tax fraud in Spain by accepting a large million-dollar fine that reaches nearly 7.8 million euros.

This agreement allows her to avoid going to prison and has been justified by the artist as a decision motivated by the well-being of her children.

This large amount is added to the 17.5 million already paid, thus covering the 14.5 million defrauded from the Spanish treasury between 2012 and 2014, adding another 3 million in interest.

The singer faced accusations of defrauding the Treasury by pretending that she did not reside in Spain during the indicated years.

Shakira Avoids Tax Trial

Shakira settlement for tax fraud, Shakira, Spain, Tax Fraud, Jail
Shakira settlement for tax fraud PHOTO Getty Images – MundoNOW Archive

During her court appearance in Barcelona, ​​the artist claimed to make the decision on behalf of her children, according to The Associated Press.

«I have made the decision to finally resolve this matter thinking about what was best for my children, who do not want to see their mother sacrifice her personal well-being in this fight,» she said.

«I need to leave behind the stress and emotional exhaustion of the last few years and focus on what I love: my children and all the opportunities that will present themselves in my career,» she added.

Shakira arrived at the Barcelona Court with her lawyers and a police force, in front of the media, photographers and some followers who were asking for «justice for Shakira.»

She should not go to jail

Shakira, singer, Colombia, Spain, fraud settlement
Shakira settlement for tax fraud PHOTO Getty Images – MundoNOW Archive

The resolution agreed with the Spanish Justice Department has prevented Shakira from being tried.

Although it carries this fine and a sentence of three years in prison that she will not have to serve, thanks to a mitigating circumstance of repairing the damage.

This agreement, reached between her lawyers, the Prosecutor’s Office and the accusing parties, represents a considerable reduction compared to the Prosecutor’s initial request.

Which requested eight years and two months in prison for the Colombian singer, in addition to a greater fine.

Issues statement

Singer, Colombia, Spain, Famous, Celebrity
PHOTO Mezcalent

The artist, upon ratifying this agreement before the court, issued a statement through her communication agency, speaking of her discontent with the Spanish treasury.

She alleged that, in addition to meeting her children’s request, she will avoid the «wear and tear» derived from a long criminal process and the consequent media impact on her life and career as «a singer of international prestige.»

Shakira, 46, lived for twelve years with former Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué, until their separation in 2022, when she went to Miami with her children.

The singer has expressed her desire to focus on the well-being of her children and prevent them from going through the wear and tear of a criminal trial, EFE noted.

She focuses on her children

Shakira, singer, Colombia, Spain, trial
PHOTO Mezcalent

Despite being prepared to defend her innocence, she chooses to look forward and focus on her children’s growth.

This case joins other confrontations between the Spanish Treasury and famous personalities, both local and foreign.

Such as Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, who preferred to resolve their cases with large fines, according to The Associated Press.

Shakira talks about the case of Xavi Alonso, former Spanish soccer player, as an example of a legal battle that entails a high cost in terms of time, image and money.

Still facing another legal process

Legal process, Singer, Colombia, Spain, Treasury
PHOTO Getty Images – MundoNOW Archive

The singer still has another trial for tax fraud in 2011 in the Spanish National Court.

Which she claims has cost her 60 million euros in fines that she considers disproportionate.

She argues that these visits to Spain coincided with a world tour concerts and her relationship with a person, aspects that according to her, triggered these tax problems.

To see a video of Shakira accepting the plea deal, click HERE.

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