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Shakira causes a stir after appearing ‘very affectionate’ with actor Lucien Laviscount

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Shakira affectionate with Lucien Laviscount (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • The singer causes a lot of commotion.
  • Who is Shakira’s heartthrob?
  • The actor is compared to Piqué.

The Colombian singer has set social media abuzz after posting some photos alongside a handsome actor.

Her fans began to speculate about what was happening in the beloved singer’s love life.

However, the photos are part of the promotion for her new album titled «Las mujeres ya no lloran»

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Announces new album

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Shakira aparece junto a Lucien Laviscount FOTO: Mezcalent

This Friday, the highly anticipated twelfth studio album by Shakira, ‘Las mujeres ya no lloran’ (Women Don’t Cry Anymore), will finally see the light.

After seven years since the release of her last album, ‘El Dorado’ (2017), the talented Colombian artist is ready to make her triumphant return.

Expectations are at their peak, and everything indicates that this release will be quite an event.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting new melodies a

More collaborations

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Shakira aparece junto a Lucien Laviscount FOTO: Getty Images – Archivo MundoNOW

It’s worth noting that alongside this collaboration with Cardi B, the album also features other exciting international collaborations.

Among them are the Mexican band Grupo Frontera, the talented Puerto Rican artist Rauw Alejandro, and the acclaimed Argentine producer Bizarrap.

It’s worth mentioning that Shakira had previously joined forces with Bizarrap in the past to create a standout ‘session’ in 2023, which garnered significant media attention.

‘Las mujeres ya no lloran’ promises to captivate fans with a unique and varied auditory experience thanks to its collaborations.

Hot photos with gallant

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Shakira aparece junto a Lucien Laviscount FOTO: Instagram Shakira

The singer’s photo shoot with Lucien Laviscount has sparked a wave of rumors and speculations about Shakira’s personal life.

Although the singer has chosen to remain silent about the identity of the model and the nature of their relationship, the images themselves have caused quite a stir.

One particular shot has captured attention, showing the model kissing Shakira, further intensifying speculation and intrigue among fans.

This scene suggests a connection beyond the professional realm between them, further fueling interest in the artist’s private life.

They humiliate Piqué

Grupo Frontera, Rauw Alejandro, Bizarrap, singer, mundonow
Shakira aparece junto a Lucien Laviscount FOTO: Mezcalent

Fans of Shakira have expressed a variety of reactions to the photoshoot, ranging from comparisons between the actor and Gerard Piqué to words of praise.

«While Piqué grabbed a bland one, she grabbed a tastier chocolate,» one comment read.

«You traded a Twingo for a Ferrari,» «This is for you to chew on and swallow, swallow and chew,» they commented in reference to her collaboration with Bizarrap.

«Sister, I see you and I applaud you,» «Shakira traded the gala for the chocorramo (only Colombians will understand),» others wrote.

Who is Shakira’s boyfriend?

Gerard Piqué, chocorramo, recognition, performance, mundonow
Shakira aparece junto a Lucien Laviscount FOTO: Instagram Shakira

Born on June 9, 1992, in Burnley, Lancashire, England, Lucien Leon Laviscount is a renowned British actor both nationally and internationally.

Raised in Ribble Valley, Lancashire, he showed an early interest in acting, participating in school and local theater productions.

His dedication and talent earned him recognition in the entertainment industry, and he soon began to excel in roles both on the big screen and small screen.

With his charisma and versatility, Lucien has left a lasting mark in the film and television industry. VIEW MORE PHOTOS HERE.

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