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Shakira and Piqué meet again at their son’s baseball game

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  • Shakira and Piqué meet again.
  • They both attended an important baseball game for their eldest son Milan.
  • Were there sparks or tension?

Shakira and Piqué meet again at an important baseball game for their eldest son, Milan, and the questions everyone asks about these inevitable encounters are: How did they treat each other? Were there sparks or tension?

After a public breakup and reaching an agreement on the custody of their children, the Colombian singer and the Spanish soccer player met again face to face during their son Milan’s baseball game and, although they have ended their relationship, they both try to be there for their little ones.

Shakira and Piqué meet again at their son’s baseball game

Photo: Instagram

After a difficult breakup, Shakira and Piqué are trying to keep the atmosphere calm for the sake of 9-year-old Milan and 7-year-old Sasha. On Saturday, November 19, they showed that, although things did not end well for them, both can be in the same place, especially if it is for their children.

Wanting to cheer on Milan and his team, the couple met to enjoy the final of a children’s baseball tournament. Calm prevailed and, in fact, the celebs «have not exchanged word, nor look, at any time,» according to Europa Press.

Awkward match

Photo: Instagram

Milan and Sasha force them to deal with some awkwardness as their relationship isn’t exactly ‘friendly’, so they just try to avoid each other. So much so that when they went to take the group team photo, Shakira and Piqué posed with the other parents but on opposite sides.

Both went to the game with a single objective: to support their son. Piqué arrived first and he was with Clara Chía, his new girlfriend. Then Shakira arrived accompanied by her brother Tonino. The ex-soccer player enjoyed watching from the stands, but both went down to the field at the end of the game to congratulate Milan.

Proud of her children

Photo: Instagram

“Congratulations to Milan and his team for this great tournament. All mommies are very proud of you for your perseverance and dedication. Bravo Sub10 Catalunya Cup runners-up!» Shakira posted on Instagram next to a photograph in which she appears kissing her son who is holding a trophy.

According to People en Español, the Barcelona Baseball Club, which Milan plays for, shared the photos of the team celebrating the runner-up on social media, including the one with Shakira and Piqué.

Shakira retains custody of her children

Shakira won custody of children
PHOTO: Getty Images

Previously, videos of Shakira being the best cheerleader for her children have circulated on social media, although the truth is that Piqué has also been present. Even so, the Colombian singer has won custody of her children and by 2023 she expects a radical change.

Next year, Shakira plans to move to Miami with her two children. According to the agreement they reached, the little ones will have to spend the remainder of 2022 in Spain, so that their father can enjoy time with them during Christmas, but then they will start a new life in the United States, where Piqué will be able to visit them every month. Shakira and Piqué meet again at their son’s baseball game.

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