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Sexy photos of Mexican actor Pablo Lyle resurface!

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  • Pablo Lyle’s sexiest photos.
  • How the Mexican heartthrob enjoyed his life before prison.
  • What Pablo Lyle said when he received his sentence.

Pablo Lyle’s sexiest photos: Many miss seeing actor Pablo Lyle on the small screen, since he was once considered one of the hottest television stars in Mexico and won the love of the Latino public. Lyle is currently in prison serving a five year sentence.

The 36-year-old Mexican was charged with involuntary manslaughter after a road rage incident. However, before that tragedy he posted some sexy pics on social media. Wow!

Pablo Lyle’s sexiest photos

PHOTO: Instagram

Twenty-sixteen was one of the most successful years for beloved Mexican actor Pablo Lyle because, at that time, the 36-year-old, who has starred in several famous soap operas, was the «galan of gallants» on Instagram.

Lyle shared a shirtless photo showing his bare chest with a small tattoo. As we mentioned before, Pablo was one of the best looking men on television, and boy is it strange to see him in action.

Lyle enjoyed a pretty good life until tragedy struck

Pablo Lyle forbidden photos
PHOTO: Instagram

This photo from the actor’s Instagram account shows him sunbathing in dark glasses. Once again he went shirtless and turned on social media. This image was shared in March 2016.

Mexican actor Pablo Lyle was sentenced on Friday in Miami to five years in prison and eight years probation for manslaughter following a confrontation over a traffic incident that occurred in 2019. The sentence comes nearly four years after he was charged in the death of Juan Ricardo Hernández.

Lyle’s surfer look

Pablo Lyle forbidden photos
PHOTO: Instagram

In 2018, Pablo Lyle had a sensual new look. In 2018, just before the tragedy that landed him in prison, he shared a photograph on Instagram where he’s surfing.

The 36-year-old soap star, who appeared in the Netflix series Yankee and in the movie Mirreyes contra Godínez, faced a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison. His lawyers asked that it be reduced to one year. The Associated Press indicated he was also sentenced to anger management classes, and 500 hours of community service.

What the actor decided to do after he was sentenced

PHOTO: Instagram

At the time of his sentence, Lyle was wearing a red prison uniform and handcuffs. Shortly before he had expressed regret for his actions. “I’m very sorry,” he said in Spanish, addressing the Hernández family. «It is the most sincere apology, with my heart.»

After a trial lasting just over a week, Lyle was convicted in October of involuntary manslaughter for Hernández’s death in an altercation near the Miami airport in March 2019. The actor punched  Hernández who died four days later due to a brain injury. The incident was recorded on security cameras.

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