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Severe weather could threaten Thanksgiving travel

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  • Coastal storm threatens Thanksgiving.
  • Rain expected in parts of the U.S.
  • There is also a chance of snow.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, meteorologists are on alert as a cold front and coastal storm sneak up on the East Coast.

This weather threat could become an inconvenience for travelers in the Northeast and New England who are planning to travel this week.

Computer forecast models have revealed that precipitation associated with the cold front is expected in the Northeast starting on Friday, November 17.

The effects of the coastal storm will be felt along the coast starting Saturday.

Stormy weather threatens Thanksgiving Day

Coastal storm threatens Thanksgiving, rains, alert, climate, USA
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Despite initial uncertainty, the latest guidance from the computer model moves the coastal storm’s track away from the East Coast.

The FOX Forecast Center has declared that rain will be primarily limited to the immediate southeastern coast of New England and southeastern Maine.

Although the threat of rain is fading, the cold front approaching from the west promises to leave its mark, with most of the precipitation concentrated in its path.

Although temperatures will not be low enough for a snowfall, the mountains of New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine are expected to experience a few inches of snow.

Which parts of the country will see bad weather?

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This forecast has caused concern among travelers who were planning to travel last weekend.

Delays are a real possibility, especially for those who have tight schedules and depend on punctuality to reunite with loved ones on this special holiday.

Authorities urge travelers to monitor weather forecast updates and take extra precautions,

Be sure to check your vehicles and make sure you have the necessary emergency items, in case of any unforeseen setback.

Could flights be canceled?

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It is also recommended that travelers check the status of flights and contact airlines for updated information on possible delays or cancellations.

«(The storm) is making a beeline right up the coast, and this is going to create a problem once it gets closer to the mid-Atlantic and into New England,» said meteorologist Craig Herrera.

«At that point, it does collide with the cold front coming off the Great Lakes. And as we go into the weekend, we’re going to have widespread rain,” he added.

Rainfall totals are not expected to be high, but combined with gusty winds, air and road delays are expected.

Precipitation forecast

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Cities like Philadelphia and New York are not expected to see large accumulations of rain.

However, Boston could see higher totals depending on how quickly tropical humidity rises northward.

It is worth mentioning that the communities closest to the center of the coastal low face the possibility of experiencing more intense rainfall.

Even places like Martha’s Vinyard and Downeast Maine have the highest chance of seeing total rainfall through Saturday, November 18.

Will there be snow on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving, snow, storm, weather, MundoNOW
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The National Weather Service office in Boston said it does not expect any flooding due to the storm system, but there will occasionally be wind.

Wind gusts of at least 20 to 30 mph were also forecast to affect the region on Friday and last well into Saturday, according to Fox Weather.

Behind the cold front, temperatures expected to fall well below average could persist through most of the Thanksgiving holiday week.

Thanksgiving on the East Coast could have an unexpected touch of winter, with a cold front which brings with it the threat of rain.

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