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Mitos y Leyendas: The Story of Seven Dancing Children Who Became Stars

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Siete niños bailarines iroqueses, Nubes, Estrellas, MundoNow, Podcast
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  • Mitos y Leyendas shares with you a story of seven Iroquois dancing children who became stars.
  • This is an excerpt from a book titled «Cuentos de los indios iroqueses.»
  • The magic surrounding the stories of these peoples never ceases to fascinate humanity.

Long ago, on the shores of Lake Keniatio in the Mohawk nation, also known as «The People of the Stone,» a group of seven children wished to form a secret organization.

During the nights, they gathered around a small bonfire in the Council, where the forest met the waters of the lake, and danced to the rhythm of the drums.

One day, the young Chief suggested the idea of organizing a feast at their next Council before the fire.

Each of the seven children was to ask their mother for food to bring to the feast.

The little ones ask their mothers for food

Bonfire in the forest, Sky, Stars, MundoNow, Podcast

One would ask for corn soup, another for venison, another for corn cobs, and so on.

However, the next day, all the mothers rejected their children’s requests, arguing that there was enough food at home and that they should not eat it in the forest.

The little warriors felt disheartened as they returned empty-handed and with heavy hearts. That night, they gathered again in their secret dance place by the lake.

The young Chief urged them to dance with all their might, looking up at the sky as they danced and not looking back, even if their parents ordered them to return home.

The dancers enjoy their dance

Campfire, Fire, Seven children, MundoNow, Podcast

He took his water drum and, striking it, sang a melody full of power, a sorcerer’s song.

The children danced with passion, and as they did, their hearts felt lighter, soon forgetting their troubles.

The melody quickened its pace, and the little warriors felt their bodies dance in the sky. Their parents saw them dance over the treetops and ordered them to come back.

However, one young dancer who looked back became a bright star.

Seven Iroquois dancing children transformed into stars

Starry sky, Constellations, Children, MundoNow, Podcast

The rest, shortly after, also turned into small, twinkling stars, suspended in the sky.

Thus, when a Mohawk observes the stars of the Pleiades twinkling and dancing in the night during the winter colds, he says: «The little warriors are dancing vigorously tonight.»

They dance eternally over the Iroquois villages, and when they dance right above the roofs, it marks the beginning of the Iroquois New Year’s Feast, which occurs during the New Year’s Moon (January or February).

The Iroquois elders continue to tell this story to their grandchildren when they see some celestial body shining, keeping the legend of the Little Mohawk Warriors alive. Mitos y Leyendas bids you farewell for now and thanks you for your interest.

Mitos y Leyendas
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