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Secrets about Maribel Guardia’s son Julián Figueroa are revealed

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  • Maribel Guardia’s son Julián Figueroa had secrets.
  • His religion is revealed.
  • Did it have anything to do with his death?

Secrets about Julián Figueroa. It’s been revealed that Joan Sebastian and Maribel Guardia’s son Julián Figueroa was Mason and belonged to a lodge. According to Chisme No Like there is a certificate to prove it.

The show’s host, Javier Ceriani, began the program by saying, in a very serious way, what had been revealed about the Mexican singer, since many things have been said about his life and the presumed cause of his death.

Was Julián Figueroa a Mason?

Julian Figueroa Mason
Photo Youtube

It was rumored that Julián Figueroa was suffering from depression and had marital problems. He was also said to have alcohol problems. The truth is that his has been one of the most tragic and painful deaths in Mexican show business.

Julián’s mother has asked for respect and spoken about how difficult it is to lose a child. She asked him to fly high, while friends and acquaintances continue to wonder what happened, despite the fact that his official cause of death was a heart attack.

Secrets about Julián Figueroa

Mourning shows Mexico
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On April 10 the Grand Lodge of the Valley of Mexico posted condolences for the artist that say: «Our very respectable great master Cuauhtémoc Plascencia Albiter and the jurisdictional lodges mourn the death of Julián Figueroa.”

«It is said the Masonic lodge’s mission is to practice the virtue of the human being, they have a duty to help whoever asks for help and support any brother in any circumstance. He studied philosophy to become a virtuous man and to be able to work on being a better human being!»


Julian Figueroa Mason
PhotoGetty Images

People immediately commented on the news: «He did not want to die, he wanted to stop suffering, we must understand that in those who suffer from depression.» «I felt the same as Julián because I was alone. today I found God.” “It is easy to judge how difficult it is to look at ourselves and see our mistakes and faults.”

“The truth was that he was a very nice young man, but with a sad look, he never seemed rude or arrogant, perhaps his addiction to some drug was not noticeable.»


Mourning shows Mexico
Photo Mezcalent

Others said: «Whether it’s true or a lie, it doesn’t matter, now there is a mother who suffers, a child without his father, a void in his loved ones that no one can fill, if he has to give an account to someone it’s to God, not we are no one to point out or judge, may he rest in peace and may his mother find comfort in her broken heart. ”

Others said: “Only God makes man happy, life is nothing, everything ends. Only God makes man happy.” “He lacked the most important thing, God! Because having everything, he had nothing” “He lacked his father, he lost him at the moment he needed him the most and that is difficult to overcome and even more so when you fall into depression! That many do not understand that condition.»

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