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How did comedian Sebastián Muñoz Finck die?

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Sebastián Muñoz Finck's cause of death (PHOTO: Shutterstock via MundoNOW Archive)
  • What was Sebastián Muñoz Finck’s cause of death?
  • His passing sent shockwaves through the comedy world.
  • The comedian’s heartfelt revelation.

At the end of July, sad and unexpected news shook the comedy world in Mexico.

Actor, writer, comedian and self-proclaimed nerd, Sebastián Muñoz Finck passed away at only 25 years old.

To this day, little is known about the cause of death of the young man, who was a close friend of Mexican comedian Alex Fernández.

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What you didn’t know About Sebastián Muñoz Finck

Actor, writer, screenwriter, nerd, MundoNOW, Sebastián Muñoz Finck cause of death
Sebastián Muñoz Finck’s cause of death / PHOTO: Facebook

According to SDP Noticias, Sebastián Muñoz Finck collaborated on several projects with Alex Fernández, such as Los Tetosferistas.

The comedian described himself as a lover of all things ‘nerdy,’ and in stand-up, he was better known as ‘Finck.’

He even appeared at Comic Con, as he was an expert in the world of comics.

He also had a special appearance on Comedy Central Mexico with the routine There’s a Latino Spider-Man.

He was quite a character

causes death Sebastián Muñoz Finck, NerDos, podcast, Monters Finck, talent, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Facebook

Sebastián Muñoz Finck also wrote scripts and created TV series, according to his Instagram profile.

The comedian had a podcast called NerDos with illustrator Héctor García Sánchez, which he continued until a month before his death.

A fan of the Harry Potter series, he launched a cartoon program called Monsters Finck.

His passing had a great impact on the comic community.

An irreparable loss

Alex Fernández, La Liga de los Súper Cuates, condolences, condolences, MundoNOW
Sebastián Muñoz Finck’s cause of death / PHOTO: Facebook

Through a statement shared on his social media, Alex Fernández confirmed Sebastián Muñoz Finck’s death.

«A loss that has left us inconsolable, as he was not only a crucial part of the team, but also a cherished and empathetic friend.»

On behalf of the Liga de los Súper Cuates (League of Super Buddies), Alex said that they shared great moments and profound life lessons with Finck.

Months before his passing, he made an unexpected revelation on the podcast Temas de Nicho alongside comedians Nicho Peñavera and Kike Vázquez.

Sebastián Muñoz Finck was living with autism

autism, Asperger's, Nicho Peñavera, Kike Vázquez, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Facebook

Sebastián Muñoz Finck opened his heart on the show where he revealed that he was living with autism and had been diagnosed with Asperger’s.

«There are times when I say, my parents had to realize that I had something, but misinformation also plays a role,» said Finck.

Additionally, the comedian said that he used to be very obsessed with certain topics, such as the Harry Potter series.

As a child, he memorized the Larousse of The Three Dinosaurs, which is 300 pages long. «My parents thought I was bored,» he said.

What happened to the comedian?

Sebastián Muñoz Finck causes death, death, accident, departure, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Facebook

More than six months after Sebastián Muñoz Finck’s unexpected death, little is known about how he died.

According to  Tribuna de México, both the authorities and his loved ones have maintained total secrecy.

However, on social media, there was speculation that Finck was involved in a car accident that ultimately cost him his life.

In his last public appearances, he seemed to be in good spirits and enjoying excellent health. May he rest in peace.

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