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Sears announces the closure of its last New Jersey store

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Sears announces closure in the US, Shopping, Company, Retail, Chain / Sears anuncia cierre en EEUU, Compras, Empresa, Minorista, Cadena
Sears closes last store in New Jersey / Photo: Shutterstock
  • Sears closes its last store in New Jersey.
  • The location is offering deep discounts.
  • Retail commerce is changing.

In an emotional blow to local shoppers, beloved department store Sears has announced that it is about to close its doors.

The news has caused shock among its loyal customers, as it’s been a favorite shopping destination for generations.

Now, the closest Sears will be in Massachusetts.

There will be major discounts as the inventory is liquidated.

Sears to close its doors in New Jersey

Store, Shopping, Retail, Chain, Sears announces closure in the US
Photo: Shutterstock

According to The Sun, the Sears store at Newport Centre Mall in New Jersey will be closing.

This last location in the state has been a commercial landmark since 1987, but lately, it has faced an economic crises.

Now, the store is offering substantial discounts, ranging from 25% to 70%, as it liquidates inventory.

Customers have mixed feelings and have taken to social media to vent.

Farewell to a legendary store

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Photo: Shutterstock

«It’s an iconic store, it makes no sense to close it,» said one devastated customer after Sears announced the closure.

«Very bad news. I shopped at that store. I was glad that it was still open. It was lucky it stayed open that long,» said another.

However, some point out that the dwindling options and the closure of the upper floor hinted that this day would come.

«The last time I was there, the upper level closed and got condensed to the lower level. Nothing I wanted to buy,» one person shared.

The NJ Sears is having a clearance sale

Money, Consumers, Discounts, Company, Society
Photo: Shutterstock

The store is having a clearance sale with 50% off women’s clothing, 30% off girls’ clothing and 40% off selected tools.

Local residents face the reality that the store, which has been a pillar of the community for decades, will soon close its doors permanently.

Now, the closest location will be in Braintree, Massachusetts.

This is a four hour drive from New Jersey.

Sears filed for bankruptcy in 2018

Broken Banking, Clients, Bankruptcy, Branch, Location
Photo: Shutterstock

After filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 11 in 2018, the company was forced to close several stores, according to the Inquirer.

Tensions peaked with a $175 million lawsuit, which was eventually settled.

Now, Sears has only 12 remaining locations across the country and a minimal presence in Mexico, according to The Sun.

This brand, once a staple for shoppers, faces an uncertain future, marking the end of an era for many loyal customers.

The end of an era

Stores, USA, Clothing, Accessories, SalesPhoto: Shutterstock

Now questions persist about how retail commerce is changing.Consumers are redefining how they do their shopping, according to the Inquirer.

Other retailers also face similar challenges, reflecting the ongoing transformation of the commercial landscape in the digital age.

The loss of an iconic store like Sears not only marks the end of an era but also underscores the importance businesses being able to adapt, according to The Sun.

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