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Sargento el Podcast: Carlos Moreno interviews Sargento Cornejo

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  • Carlos Moreno spoke with Sargento Cornejo about his podcast «El Sargento.»
  • It is a show full of important information with a touch of fun and charisma.
  • In it, El Sargento provides tools on what to do in certain situations with the police.

Hello to everyone who likes good information and staying safe! I talked to Sargento Carlos Cornejo, who people also call «El Sargento.»

He’s a police officer who really wants to help and teach the community.

We talked about his podcast that gives important information, fun, and cool details about police work.

Keep reading to find out more about his podcast and how you can listen to it!

Sargento Podcast

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Sargento Carlos Cornejo started a podcast to teach people about security and rights.

Through this podcast, the Sargento shares his extensive knowledge and 12 years of experience in police service.

This helps people understand their rights, responsibilities, and how to better interact with law enforcement.

He also gives tips on handling traffic tickets and how to be safe in different situations.

Education and Entertainment

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One cool thing about the Sargento’s podcast is how he makes things easy to understand and fun to listen to.

He talks openly and shares stories, making topics about laws and safety easy for everyone to get.

Cornejo brings in people who know a lot about things like money, laws, and more to give useful tips.

He talked about something that might seem small but can save lives, even if many people don’t think about it.

Juan’s Experience and the Seatbelt

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Juan was a young Mexican who had recently arrived in the United States to seek new opportunities.

While he was excited about this new chapter in his life, there were certain customs and norms he didn’t fully understand. One of them was the use of seat belts in cars.

One day, while driving through the streets of his new city, Juan noticed that many drivers around him were wearing seat belts.

However, he had never used it before in Mexico and didn’t understand why it was so important.

Sargento Talks About Seat Belts

Sargento, Cinturón de seguridad, Podcast, MundoNow

During an episode, Sargento Cornejo detailed the importance of seat belts and how they could save lives in an accident.

He explained that the laws were designed not only to apply fines but to protect people and their families.

Intrigued by this information, Juan began to religiously wear his seat belt every time he got into his car.

He also shared the information with his friends and relatives who had just arrived in the United States.

Juan Has an Accident

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A few months later, Juan found himself in an unexpected situation. While driving through an intersection, another car ran a red light and crashed directly into the side of his vehicle.

The impact was strong, but thanks to the seat belt, Juan was unharmed.

When the police came, they asked if he was fine. Juan thought about how thankful he was for Sargento Cornejo’s podcast that told him about seat belts.

He saw that wearing it kept him safe in the crash. He told his family that the Sargento’s advice really helped him.

Podcast Platforms

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If you want to hear Sargento Carlos Cornejo’s podcast and learn about safety and laws, you can find it easily.

The podcast is on places like Spotify and Apple Music, so you can listen to it whenever you want.

Wherever you are, you can learn from it!

It’s a show with lots of useful stuff that can help you with things that might happen.

Community and Diverse Perspectives

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El Sargento emphasizes that his podcast is designed to serve the general community, regardless of their immigration status or location.

Laws and civil rights are topics that affect everyone, and knowledge is a powerful tool to empower people.

Also, El Sargento wants people to get how police officers feel and what their job is like.

This can make things better between the community and the police.


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Sargento Carlos Cornejo is passionate about education and community safety.

His commitment is reflected in the podcast he produces to give people more tools when talking to the police.

The way he shares this education makes it easy to remember and accessible to everyone.

Don’t hesitate to subscribe to his podcast and take this opportunity to learn, grow, and stay informed!

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