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Sara Tavares dies at 45 after a severe illness

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Sara Tavares dies, 45, illness, singer, MundoNOW
Sara Tavares dies (PHOTO: Shutterstock)
  • Sara Tavares dies at 45 years old.
  • The singer leaves a lasting legacy.
  •  She made a deep impact in Portugal.

Renowned Portuguese singer and songwriter Sara Tavares has passed away at the age of 45.

She died after a brave 14-year battle with a brain tumor.

The heartbreaking news was shared through a statement on social media.

Her loved ones said their last goodbye and thanked Tavares’ fans for their support in this difficult time.

Farewell to a star: Sara Tavares dies

 musical legacy, Portugal, Eurovision, talent, Sara Tavares dies
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Sara Tavares’ family released the following statement on social media: «With deep regret, we inform you that our beloved Sara left us peacefully.»

«It was yesterday, surrounded by her family. Funeral ceremonies will be exclusively for family and friends, respectfully requesting privacy at this painful time.»

«We thank everyone for the expressions of love. Sara leaves us a unique legacy as an artist and human being, and her melodies will continue to touch hearts.»

Her devastated family shared this statement on Instagram.

Remembering her musical legacy

Balancê, Fitxadu, Latin Grammy, Portuguese music
Sara Tavares dies / PHOTO: Shutterstock

On Sunday, Tavares died at the Hospital da Luz in Lisbon, according to Spanish newspaper El País.

The singer, of Cape Verdean origin, had battled a brain tumor since 2009, significantly limiting her artistic activity.

Her latest composition, ‘Kurtidu,’ was released in September, according to Yahoo Style.

Portugal’s Prime Minister António Costa offered his condolences to the family on X (formerly Twitter).

Antonio Costa’s farewell message

talent show, tribute, farewell, funeral
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Antonio Costa shared a message remembering the impact that Tavares had, getting her start in a talent show and captivating the Portuguese public.

«I deeply regret the premature passing of Sara Tavares, who, since her debut in a talent show while still young, captivated the Portuguese audience,» he wrote.

«Her uniqueness as a singer and songwriter, fusing various sound geographies, leaves an irreplaceable void,» Costa continued.

She has been known since she won a television contest in 1994 with a song by Whitney Houston.

Sara Tavares’ contributions to the music industry

António Costa, social networks, Instagram, statement, Lisbon
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Singer Sara Tavares represented Portugal on Eurovision and always proudly defended her African roots.

Her legacy will live on through her music, such as the album Balancê, which went platinum in 2005.

In addition, she was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award in 2017 for Fitxadu.

Sara Tavares’ death leaves an irreplaceable void in the Portuguese music scene and beyond.

Her cultural impact

António Costa, social networks, Instagram, statement, Sara Tavares diesPHOTO: Shutterstock

Her brave fight against her illness, her legacy and the unique connection she had with her African roots will resonate in the memories of her fans.

Tavares’ authentic expression, both in her music and her life, is a lasting testament to her cultural impact.

Although her light has gone out prematurely, the melodies and powerful messages she shared will continue to touch hearts and remind us of the richness of her artistic contribution.

On the other hand, it has been revealed that the extraordinary artist made her own space, possessing a voice that captivated hundreds of people.

Fans say goodbye to Sara Tavares

interview, Whitney Houston, African culture, unique music
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Some of her best-known songs ‘Shout!,’ ‘Mi ma Bô,’ ‘Balancê,’ ‘Xinti’ and ‘Fitxadu,’ according to Yahoo.

Fans have offered their condolences on social media.

«We will miss her very much.» «Rest in peace.» «Congratulations for the honor and the happy coincidence that remains upon her,» were just some of the messages

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