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Salsa singer Cheche Mendoza dies at 82 years of age

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  • The world of salsa is in mourning again.
  • After the death of Héctor Rey, now salsa singer Cheche Mendoza has died.
  • He is remembered for songs like Pensando en ti and Mi alegría.

Almost a week after the death of singer Héctor Rey, who was known as ‘El Guaraguao’, now it’s been reported that salsa singer José Rafael Mendoza’s, better known as Cheche Mendoza passed away on January 31.

According to El Tiempo, Ángel Ilarraza revealed that the musician’s son, Andy Mendoza, told him that the owner and founder of the iconic orchestra Los Satélites de Venezuela, had passed away.

Cheche Mendoza is a ‘legend of tropical music’

Cheche Mendoza 'now becomes a legend of tropical music'
Instagram photo

Cheche Mendoza is remembered for songs like Pensando en ti and Traicionera. Through his Facebook page, Ángel Ilarraza said the following about the singer’s death: «My deepest condolences and supportive hug for the great Mendoza family, their friends and fans around the world.»

“Now he has become a legend of tropical music. Much peace and strength during this process of physical separation, but not spiritual. So far, the cause of the artist’s death has not been revealed, but it was stated that he will be veiled tomorrow starting at one in the afternoon, and between 4:30 and 5 pm, his orchestra will pay him a well-deserved tribute. (Filed Under:  Cheche Mendoza dies)

Saying a last goodbye to Cheche Mendoza

They say the last goodbye to Cheche Mendoza
Instagram photo

It did not take long for internet users to offer their condolences after hearing the news of Cheche Mendoza’s death. The salsa singer was born on August 27, 1940 in Maracaibo, Venezuela. “I accompany you in your feelings and loss.” “My condolences to the family and friends.” “May the Lord give friends and family a lot of strength.”

“My deepest condolences to the family of Mr. Cheche Mendoza, to Los Satélites and to the Venezuelan musical class for such an unfortunate loss. Peace to his remains. “My deepest condolences, eternal rest, Master.” “Light for his noble spirit.” “Strength, comfort and peace from Heavenly Father for the family and the people of Venezuela. Thanks for his music. Now rest in the Lord,”, can be read in the comments.

Who was José Rafael Cheche Mendoza?

Who was José Rafael Cheche Mendoza?
Instagram photo

Cheche Mendoza was born in 1940 in Venezuela. In 1966, when he was 26 years old, he founded the Los Satélites orchestra, initially with six members in the group. They were very well received by the public.

The orchestra included: Mauricio Conde, Rodrigo Mendoza, Orlando ‘Watussi’ Castillo, El Chino Suarez, Hildemaro Ugas and Nal Belmonte, according to El Heraldo. He dedicated the song Carnaval to the city of Barranquilla. It is included on the Carnaval de salsa album, which they recorded in 1980. (Filed as:  Cheche Mendoza dies)

One of his last interviews

One of their last conversations
Instagram photo

On July 28, 2020, in the midst of the COVID pandemic, Cheche Mendoza was appeared on the Conversando la Salsa show with Robert Téllez on Radio Nacional de Colombia where they spoke at length about various topics. At one point he talked about who had been his influences.

“At that time (referring to his childhood and adolescence) Federico y su Combo Latino, my friend, sounded a lot in Venezuela, and Palmieri, Richi Rey sounded from outside and I felt great admiration for them. When I got into salsa, when I became international, when I went through Madison (Square Garden) and was in several countries, when I returned to Venezuela then I mixed with Federico in dances. As I admired them, they also admired me for the triumph I had achieved and that was a very nice experience,” said the salsa singer in this interview.

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