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Could Fofo Márquez be freed from prison?

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Could Fofo Márquez be released from prison? (Photo: X)
  • Will Fofo Márquez be released from prison?
  • He allegedly reached an agreement with his victim.
  • Rumors spread online.

In the last few hours, a surprising rumor has spread on social media and it seems it could soon be a reality.

Influencer Fofo Márquez, who is currently in prison for brutally beating a woman, could be free after reaching an agreement with his victim.

It is reported that the 26-year-old will pay a large sum to beating victim Edith ‘N’.

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A former classmate of Fofo Márquez speaks out

special classes, former classmate, Luis Edgar Álvarez, high school, MundoNOW
PHOTO: X capture

Before going into details about whether Fofo Márquez could be released from prison, it is worth noting a few things.

According to Excelsior, a former high school classmate claims that the influencer took special classes.

As if that were not enough, he revealed that he has a genetic condition that causes him to act aggressively.

«In those special classes that he went to, they taught him the basics, while we were already taking normal chemistry or physics subjects,» said Luis Edgar Álvarez.

What privileges does Fofo enjoy in prison?

Fofo Márquez free, privileges, prison, security, MundoNOW
PHOTO: X capture

Almost a month after his arrest, it’s been revealed that Fofo Márquez enjoys some privileges in prison.

According to Radio Fórmula reporter Fabián Pasos, the influencer already has protection inside.

«He is located in module 7 of Barrientos… He pays a lot for food and (for) being able to wear comfortable clothes.»

Furthermore, he allegedly has a cell phone but he is not allowed to post anything online.

Other prisoners are jealous

Fofo Márquez released, Influencer, victim, beating, prison, crime
PHOTO: X capture

But that isn’t all, since Fofo Márquez allegedly has been able to have pizza in prison and is in an area with «heavy» people.

As expected, many other inmates are upset that he is getting special treatment.

«Every day he waits for his family to deposit a little money for him so he doesn’t eat ‘rancho’ (as they call the worst food in prison).»

Finally, it is claimed that Márquez pays approximately $3,000 for protection.

Could Fofo Márquez be released soon?

Fofo Márquez released, Influencer, victim, beating, prison, crime
PHOTO: X capture

According to a human rights lawyer, Fofo Márquez has reached a settlement with his victim.

It is estimated that the influencer will pay close to a million dollars to Edith ‘N’.

Just a few days ago, the young man was charged with attempted murder.

Since then posts have resurfaced where he says anything can be fixed with money.

Edith ‘N’ has not forgiven Fofo Márquez

Fofo Márquez released, Influencer, victim, beating, prison, crime
PHOTO: Capture of X

Fofo Márquez’s victim, Edith ‘N’, denies that she has forgiven him and that he won’t be getting out.

According to Radio Fórmula, the attempted murder case against him is already underway.

«The repair of the damage does not work, I have no knowledge, otherwise we have a hearing on May 25,» Edith added.

In addition, she said that she cannot reach an agreement with the influencer because this is a criminal case.

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