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People are spreading rumors that Clara Chía is a trans woman

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Dicen que Clara Chía es 'insoportable' en su trabajo
  • A TikTok video claims Clara Chía is a trans woman.
  • People are spreading the rumors online.
  • Some people say it misogynistic.

A NEW CONSPIRACY THEORY! Once again, Clara Chía and Gerard Piqué find themselves in the eye of the hurricane after the rumor that the soccer player’s girlfriend is a trans woman began circulating. Now a TikTok video is speculating that Shakira saying her ex traded a Rolex for a Casio has a completely different meaning.

It is not the first time the couple has been the subject of gossip. From the beginning of their relationship, rumors that Clara Chía was former soccer player’s lover went viral. It’s also being said Shakira is suing the former footballer for a shocking reason


Once again, Clara Chía Martí, Gerard Piqué’s girlfriend, finds herself in the eye of the hurricane after a TikTok video claims she is trans. According to several social media users, the Spanish woman did not hide this and Piqué knew it when they met.

According to El Tiempo, the rumor says Clara Chía was born Esteban Chía Martí. This caused a sensation on social media and several people spread an image of her as a man and even said Piqué met her before she transitioned.

Who is the man in the photograph?

¿Quién es el hombre de la fotografía?

After the alleged photograph of Clara Chía as a man began circulating, international media searched for the origin of the photograph and quickly found the real image. According to  El Tiempo, the photo was taken in 2006.

They say that the man in the photo is a childhood friend of Piqué named Joans Mas. This disproves the rumors that Piqué paid for hormone treatments for his girlfriend.

Do people believe the rumors?

Aseguran Clara Chía trans: ¿No creen en los rumores?

Others pointed out photos of a child with features that are very similar to Clara Chía’s. El Tiempo explained that this is a stock photo and is not a picture of Martí. People immediately commented online.

“Clara Chia Marti. His real name is Esteban Chía Martí. This is a mystery, gentlemen.» Internet users continued shared the fake images of the ex-soccer player’s girlfriend. So far neither has spoken about it.

Did Shakira know the details?

Aseguran Clara Chía trans: ¿Shakira sabía los pormenores?

The rumors that Clara Chía is trans exploded on Twitter and there were those who said that Shakira knows everything and even talked about it on a livestream. Although of course, this story can’t be verified.

“Now it turns out that Clara Chía Martí is transgender and her name was Esteban Chía Martí, that is, Piqué cheated on Shakira with a man. I think that another Shakira dart with Bizarrap comes from there… Session 54 with pure poison,” one user commented about the unfounded rumors.

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