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What is Route 66 and why is it so popular in the US?

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  • What is Route 66?
  • Why do tourists continue to visit it?
  • It became cultural icon and a popular destination for travelers.

A CULTURAL ICON. Route 66 is a vital piece of US history and is cataloged as a cultural icon that is highlighted as an essential tourist destination because it was one of the first roads to be built for motorized cars to travel freely across the country.

The famous Route 66 has become the central theme for various authors and the artistic inspiration for many travelers. Every day, hundreds of tourists travel down this road to photograph the famous «Route 66» sign to share on social media. It’s not only an iconic place to visit but also a symbol of freedom.


Photo: Twitter

On Saturday, Google highlighted the famous and iconic Route 66 to celebrate the anniversary of its creation. The search engine honored one of the most visited roads in the United States with a special doodle. Route 66 is one of the most popular in the country, because it runs from the Midwest to the West Coast and has become a symbol of cross country road trips.

From retro restaurants, art installations, fabulous hotels and an area for pictures have made the federal highway one of the most traveled in the nation. It goes from Chicago, Illinois, to Santa Monica, California. It’s an amazing way to see the country at a slower pace.

Why is Route 66 so popular?

Route 66: Why is it so popular?
Photo: Twitter

Route 66 was named on April 30, 1926 and was one of the first highways for motor vehicles to travel freely between the Midwest and the West Coast. But, although it was named in 1926, it took a year for the highway to be paved and freely traveled. To this day, hundreds of tourists traverse it.

But the history of Route 66 shows that it is more than one of the first federal highways. It became a banner in the nation’s history. According to TyC Sports, the historical evolution has marked the route because it served as an escape route for displaced families during the Dust Bowl — in the dirty thirties — and that catapulted its fame to the present day. Filed Under: Route 66

Artistic inspiration?

Route 66: The inspiration of the artists?
Photo: Twitter

Route 66 also plays an important part in US literature, since it has served as an inspiration for artists and writers for decades. One of the most popular works where this route is mentioned is by American novelist John Steinbeck, who included it in The Grapes of Wrath.

Steinbeck wrote a chapter titled «Route 66» in his famous work, where he portrayed drought and poverty in Oklahoma, Texas and neighboring states. In the book, he nicknamed the famous route, «the Mother Road», a name that is still used and that demonstrates the great importance of this federal route. Filed Under: Route 66

An essential step in history?

An essential step in history?
Photo: Twitter

The history of the mythical Route 66 has been marked at different times, becoming a focal point for historic events in the United States. After World War II, the country’s economy stabilized, more people could travel and this route became increasingly popular, TyC Sports highlighted.

Although not everything has been wonderful around Route 66. In 1985 the famous passage was closed by the authorities because five interstate highways were created and replaced the popular cross country route. Several organizations demonstrated in favor of maintaining Route 66, according TyC Sports.

An artistic muse?

The muse of artists?
Photo: Twitter

Regarding music, Route 66 has been the focus of numerous songs, including some classics. Singer Bobby Troup, wrote one of his most popular songs about America’s favorite road, titled Route 66. CLICK TO LISTEN TO THE SONG HERE

“If you ever plan to motor west; Travel my way, take the highway that is best; Get your kicks on Route sixty-six.” Almost everyone knows these famous lines that have become one of Bobby Troup’s fundamental pieces. Route 66 also served as  the inspiration for Jack Kerouac’s novel, On The Road.

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