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Sin Broncas con la Bronca: How to Overcome a Rough Patch

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  • Silvia del Valle gives advice to Tati Polo to get through a rough patch or bad streak.
  • They talk about key ideas about how to view these issues.
  • Everyone has faced such issues before.

In the podcast «Sin Broncas con la Bronca», Tati Polo talked with Silvia del Valle about how to move past hard times.

The women talk about what they’ve been through and what they’ve learned from hard times in their lives.

They also chat about the need to do what you love and finding your reason for living.

It’s important to be thankful for what we have and to help others.

Change how you see hard times

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Instead of thinking hard times are just bad luck, think differently.

Instead of feeling unlucky, think that problems are chances to learn and grow.

Thinking this way can help you deal with problems. Don’t stop trying. Keep going and don’t give up to move past hard times.

It can be hard to keep trying when things are tough, but it’s important to stay on track and keep going, even with problems in the way.

Find your reason

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Find what makes you happy and gives you energy.

Your likes and skills can help you deal with problems and give you a reason to be happy in life.

Find someone to guide you. Get advice from people who have faced similar things or who are successful in what you’re interested in.

These people can give you good advice and help during hard times.

Stay strong during hard times

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A bad streak can be really hard, but believing in yourself can help you stay calm and find the strength to face any problem.

Don’t forget to help others too. Helping someone else often feels good. It feels good to be kind to someone else and it makes your life better.

Helping others and doing good things can make you feel happy.

When things are hard, helping others can make you happy and remind you that there are bigger things than your own problems.

Be thankful

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Think about the good things in your life and be happy for them.

Being happy for what you have, not sad about what you don’t, can help you feel better.

Listen to your feelings and notice what’s happening around you.

Sometimes, the answers you need might be there, but you have to listen to yourself to see them.

The other side of a rough patch

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It’s also good to remember that everyone is different, so you’ll find your own way to move past hard times.

Things might look one way, but actually be leading you to something better.

In short, facing tough times is hard, but thinking differently, not giving up, finding your reason, getting help, and being thankful can help you face problems and find happiness in life.

We’re just sharing a bit from episode 12 of «Sin Broncas con la Bronca«. Problems can make you grow in big ways. See you later!

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Sin Broncas con la Bronca
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