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Rosie Rivera breaks the silence on Chiquis Rivera’s alleged audit of Jenni’s fortune (VIDEO)

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  • Rosie Rivera talks about the alleged audit of Jenni Rivera’s companies.
  • Chiquis Rivera would be the one who requested financial statements of her mother’s companies.
  • Rosie and Juan Rivera, are they nervous?

In light of the report made by the Mexican circulation magazine ‘TvyNovelas’ saying that Chiquis Rivera supposedly asked for an audit to be made on Jenni Rivera’s companies, which are managed by her uncles, now Rosie Rivera burst out of anger for what was published.

There are several versions of this situation, some of them claim that Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter ordered it and others say that it was Rosie Rivera who was behind the alleged audit, however, now she gave her opinion in a video on her Youtube channel.

The allegations of an alleged audit of Jenni Rivera’s companies, deeply penetrated Rosie Rivera

Jenni Rivera audit
Instagram: Chicapicosa

‘It is something that should be kept private,’ began Rosie Rivera, who little by little was losing her style and transformed the clarification on the financial statements of Jenni Rivera’s companies, of whom she was executor until just this year, into courage and outrage for ‘defaming’ her.

“It is not that I am afraid, I am not afraid, I have handled things to honor God, I do not have to verify anything with anyone, only with God, God gave me this assignment to get closer to my sister, and although I would have wanted This is private because I do not like what part of my life to disclose, it is not only about me but also about other people’s finances… ”, said Jenni Rivera’s sister.

Rosie Rivera wants everything ‘to be private’

Chiquis Rivera, did you send an audit to your family?

Ensuring that she is not afraid, Rosie Rivera assured that everything will remain private: “An audit is common, it is normal, it means that the beneficiaries want to know how their money is being handled because the money is theirs and it always will be. It is so common that since the assignment began we already knew it, it is not like a surprise is coming ”, he said.

Rosie Rivera assured that it is not the first audit requested of the finances of Jenni Rivera’s companies, because without saying the name, a person from the family asked about the finances and she has kept the lawyers and the team that the Diva left behind. of the band in charge of financial management, in his words.

“I am not afraid of being accountable,” says Chiquis Rivera’s aunt.

Rosie Rivera reacts to alleged audit
Instagram: Chicapicosa

Beginning to get upset, Rosie Rivera said again that she is not afraid of showing financial statements: “I am not afraid of being accountable, neither my husband, nor at school, nor at work, they always support me, it is a team that explains to me about the audits that are common because I had already told them that in a year there is a transition from being CEO and executor of Jenni Enterprises… ”, said the preacher.

Chiquis Rivera’s aunt says that the whole family knows that she will cease to be executor of her sister’s companies but that from the beginning she did not want that position in the dynasty to avoid conflicts of any kind, apart from what she said, neither Jenni nor she They were fully aware that the singer could die at an early age for Rosie Rivera to reach the position in which she is.

It goes against the media

Jenni Rivera daughter and mom
Instagram: Chiquis

Rosie Rivera decided to ‘blame’ the media for mixing ‘the truth’ and manipulating the information in order to defame it and make it look bad: “An audit is not interesting, it becomes interesting until you become an influencer, because I am a woman of God, because my sister is an important woman, because her children are important and they are adding to the drama ”.

Although all her life she has been in the limelight of public derision, at least since Jenni Rivera became famous, now Rosie Rivera says she has ‘post-traumatic stress’ and asks the media not to approach her in airports or public places because large groups people alter it.

The people went against the preacher of God

Media publishes that Chiquis Rivera sent an audit

For many years and since Jenni Rivera tragically passed away, Rosie Rivera has been branded a ‘shoplifter’ and that she is’ exploiting ‘the image of the Diva de la Banda, so it was not strange that in the Instagram publication of’ Chicapicosa ‘where the video was shared, they practically attacked her:

“Wow, Rosy looks super upset with the audit that Chiquis requested of her and her uncle Juan. But if she herself is saying that she owes nothing she fears, she shouldn’t bother at all, clear accounts, clear friendships, says the saying “,” If she wanted so much to be handled in private, she would remain silent “,” Well, I’m going to see the Insta de la Chiquis and neither she follows Rosie, nor Rosie follows Chiquis. Doesn’t it matter if they do the audit on the saint? ”Some people wrote.

“Why is he upset if he is not afraid?”, They complained to Jenni Rivera’s sister for the audit

Rosie Rivera afraid?

Rosie and Juan Rivera are the main people involved in Jenni Rivera’s companies, so people question whether they should be afraid: “Why is her tone of voice so annoying? But that’s normal, it’s just not your business, it’s not your money, and it shouldn’t be like that, your attitude makes you look like you’re very upset, huh! “,” But when someone asks for an audit, it’s because they doubt the movements, if they trust they did not ask for it so someone in the family does not trust it ”.

“Well, since he took charge of the money, his life has changed a lot! Home, luxuries, travel, parties, surgeries, and look at the veneers of The Teeth. It’s good that they are auditing her “,” Now she is a different person physically, and she says she likes everything private, and that the magazine does this to make money, what a good joke and they don’t never do it, you never know anything about them. hahaha hahaha the Rivera are very discreet “,” Now I understand why Chiquis is no longer talking with Juan and Rosy mmmm a sign that they do not trust the Rivera family. “

Yes there will be an audit of Jenni Rivera’s companies and the networks explode

Chiquis's uncles tremble?

It didn’t take long for Internet users to react to this news and thus expressed themselves: “I don’t like Chiquis, but it’s good that they investigate, and especially Rosie, the one who has stolen the most since her sister died”, “¿¿ No one has ever wondered who was the woman close to Chiquis who abused her since she was a child?

“How good, that money belongs to her brothers and for which her mother fought until the last day she passed away, she worked until the end and only for her children, how good for Chiquis”, “At last, Rosie is going to finish the gold mine and without working and neither does the husband “,” Obvious Chiquis wants to know why mommy is no longer here to keep her.

Does Chiquis Rivera want to make his uncles feel bad with the audit?

Jenni's family to alleged audit

Although several people supported Chiquis Rivera in her decision to audit her uncles, Rosie and Juan Rivera, others left with everything: “After her mother disowned her, I think she must have understood the hint that her Mom, who did not want her in her money, did it for something “.

“Already those antics from Chiquis are left over, she should respect her mother’s will and stay away, but when Jenni took that position against her daughter, it was clearly seen that the daughter had no respect for her mother,” it can be read in more comments. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF ROSIE RIVERA CLARIFYING THE AUDIT

Is Chiquis Rivera just trying to get attention?

Rosie bursts out angry

When it seemed that the criticism towards the singer, and by the way for Rosie Rivera, would end, this was not the case: “Another scandal of that Chiquis has already started! Always wanting cameras that woman, she will never be happy, how good that Lorenzo has already removed her from his life. What a scandalous woman and circus woman ”.

“In this, if I agree with Chiquis”, “But what is not what has to be done so that everything is ready for the new person who will take care of everything?”, “The Chiquis better not make angry to Rosie because she has in her hands the power to take those recordings that Jenni left her where she leaves her bedroom adjusting her clothes and Esteban Loaiza inside ”.

Rosie Rivera is urged to stop being Jenni’s executor

Audit Jenni companies

A little more than 8 years after the sensitive death of the singer Jenni Rivera, her sister Rosie Rivera gives an unexpected news: she will no longer be the executor of her legacy: “If you have followed me all this time, you have seen how from time to time I explain how difficult it is to be Jenni Rivera’s executor ”.

Quiet, the businesswoman announced that she would resign later, but that for several years she has been preparing her departure, and although she clarified that she loves working for her sister, she is aware that it is not her only purpose (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE). Some images in this note come from this Y this videos

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