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Rosa Ybarra charged in shooting death of Tomás López

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  • Rosa Ybarra is accused of killing a man who tried to seduce her.
  • Tomás López slapped the girl after being rejected.
  • She became enraged and shot him while he was driving.

Rosa Ybarra was arrested in Las Vegas, New Mexico, for the shooting death of Tomás López. Rosa Ybarra, 31, faces a first degree murder charge in the brutal crime after shooting Tomás López, 36, while he was driving on the interstate.

Rosa initially said that Tomas López had been shot from another car that was chasing them. However, when the officers questioned the girl based on the forensic evidence at the crime scene, she changed her story.

Rosa Ybarra shot and killed Tomás López

Rosa Ybarra

Rosa Ybarra, 31, was charged with shooting and killing a man who tried to seduce her, then slapped her. (PHOTO: New Mexico State Police)

The arrest warrant against Rosa Ybarra, consulted by MundoNow details that, on Monday, May 15, 2023, several motorists called 911 to report a car that had collided with the containment barrier of I-25, two miles north of Romeroville.

Officers from the New Mexico State Police (NMSP) went to the scene of the crash and discovered the driver had been shot. The man was identified as Tomás López, a resident of Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Rosa Ybarra tried to flee

PHOTO: US Marshals Archive.

NMSP officers collected information from other drivers who claimed to have seen a woman getting out of the car brandishing a gun and demanding that other cars stop

Several patrol cars went north and south along the I-25 highway looking for the woman with the gun. They found Rosa Ybarra running down the road in bloodstained clothes.

Tomás López was shot in the head

PHOTO: Taken from Twitter.

Rosa Ybarra was already two miles north of the crash site and did not have the weapon with her. However, officers who later searched the area were able to find the gun lying in the foliage. She was taken to the NSMP headquarters in Las Vegas for questioning by the Criminal Investigations Bureau.

Meanwhile, paramedics took Tomas López to the Alta Vista Regional Hospital in the hope that the doctors would save his life. However, he was pronounced dead in the emergency room.

Rosa said Tomas slapped her when she rejected him

Rosa Ybarra
PHOTO: Taken from Twitter.

Rosa Ybarra told police that Tomás López picked her up at her house, they bought alcohol and went out for a drive. At one point a car began to follow them and when they tried to escape they were shot at from the other vehicle. The policemen told her that his injury did not match her story.

Rosa Ybarra then admitted that Tomás López gave her flowers, they went for a walk and at one point he told her that he made a pass at her. She turned him down and López was so enraged that he slapped her. Ybarra pulled out a gun and shot him.

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