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Ron DeSantis could be investigated for flying migrants from Texas to Sacramento

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  • Authorities are investigating whether Ron DeSantis is responsible for flying migrants from Texas to California.
  • California officials believe he flew them in a private plane.
  • Governor Gavin Newsom had a strong message for Ron DeSantis.

RON DESANTIS IS ACCUSED OF TRAFFICKING MIGRANTS! Governor Gavin Newsom, along with other California officials, is investigating the origins of a private plane carrying migrants from Texas to Sacramento. They believe the asylum-seekers were misled on the orders of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Governor Newsom spoke out on social media and sent a strong message to the presidential candidate. Since last year, DeSantis has sent planes and buses with unsuspecting asylum-seekers to Democratic-led states.


Photo: Twitter

Before the arrival of a plane carrying migrants to Sacramento, Governor Newsom and administration officials accused DeSantis of orchestrating it. Gavin Newson called DeSantis «small» and accused him of kidnapping people for political points.

«Ron DeSantis, you small, pathetic man. This isn’t Martha’s Vineyard. Kidnapping charges?” he tweeted, adding an image that said: “Every person who, being out of this state, abducts or takes by force or fraud any person contrary to the law of the place where that act is committed, and brings, sends, or conveys that person within the limits of this state, and is afterwards found within the limits thereof, is guilty of kidnapping.»

Will Newsom open an investigation into the governor of Florida?

Will you start an investigation against the governor of Florida?
Photo: Twitter

According to The Associated Press, California officials hinted at the start of a criminal investigation into the arrival of flights carrying migrants who crossed the border into Texas and were later sent to Sacramento. It is suspected that the plane was sent on orders from DeSantis.

The situation has upset California officials who were caught off guard and were not prepared to receive the migrants. This all is happening as the 2024 presidential race is picking up steam.

What is known about the flights?

What is known about the flight?
Photo: Twitter

The AP noted that the flight, which arrived on Monday carrying around 20 migrants, came after another 16 migrants from Colombia and Venezuela arrived on Friday after being transferred by bus from Texas to New Mexico.

After they arrived in New Mexico, authorities put them on a rented plane bound for a small airport in the capital of California, where upon arrival they were questioned by authorities. Apparently, officials believe that it was a planned move on the part of DeSantis.

What will happen to the migrants?

They investigate Ron DeSantis California: What will happen to the migrants?
Photo: Twitter

Sacramento County spokeswoman, Kim Nava pointed out that the migrants were sent to a «religious institution» that also serves as a shelter. Regarding their immigration status and the procedures to follow, Nava did not provide further information in this regard.

The newly arrived migrants stayed at the airport for a couple of hours, where they were fed. Kim Nava added, “Our county social workers are en route and are going to assess all those folks, make sure they have the services and support that they need,” according to the AP.

How was the transport coordinated?

They investigate Ron DeSantis California: How was the transfer of migrants carried out?
Photo: Twitter

Tara Gallegos, who is a spokesperson for California Attorney General Rob Bonta, responded to questions about the transfer of migrants to California from Texas. She stated that a private company that was contracted to transport the migrants, and that is what sparked the investigation.

“The movement of the group appears to have been arranged by Vertol Systems Co., a Florida-based aviation company that the state government contracted to help transport migrants,” said Tara Gallegos. She added that they are investigating whether any crime was committed.

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