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The details of beloved actor Robin Williams’ autopsy

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  • Beloved comedian Robin Williams died in 2014.
  • He did not die of natural causes.
  • Details from Robin Williams’ autopsy report.

Robin Williams was one of the most iconic comedy figures of his generation. His sudden death continues spark questions after all this time. The legendary comedian was struggling with a disease that few knew he had until after his autopsy report was revealed.

A misdiagnosis would lead to the actor’s death. However, the disease did not cause a heart attack, a respiratory arrest or anything like that. His illness caused panic attacks, memory issues and problems with mobility.

Robin Williams’ last work

During one of his jobs he presented symptoms of his illness
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Robin Williams was a multi-talented actor, so it’s not surprising that he was in more than one movie premiere per year. He appeared in five films that were released after his death, four in 2014 and one in 2015.

One of these films was the last installment of the A Night at the Museum trilogy where director Shawn Levy had witnessed some of the symptoms of the actor’s illness. Levy said Williams constantly forgot his lines and had a hard time finding the right words to express himself, surprising considering that one of his great talents was improvisation.

Robin Williams faced a rare disease

The doctors could not find out what was the disease that tormented him
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For more than a year, Robin Williams found himself going to doctors’ offices looking for answers to what was causing his panic attacks, anxiety and even tremors. His history with substance abuse, including heroin and alcohol, in addition to his depression made his condition difficult for doctors to diagnose.

He was eventually diagnosed with Parkinson’s, however Williams and his wife did not accept this. During his last weekend alive, Williams said he felt fine and wasn’t experiencing any symptoms. Susan, Williams’s wife realized he was lying when she found him deceased in their home.

Robin Williams’ death

The death of Robin Williams led to an autopsy that would decipher his illness
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After what she considered a good day with her husband, Williams said goodbye to Susan with a, «Good night, my love.» She responded in kind without knowing that it would be the last time. The couple slept in separate beds and Susan went to sleep thinking that things were finally getting better. Robin left his wife’s room forever.

Then next day, August 11, 2014, Susan found her husband dead. Robin Williams had tied a belt around his neck. Susan called 911 but it was too late. A year after his death, Susan was able to understand what happened thanks to an autopsy report.

Robin Williams’ autopsy report

Thanks to the autopsy of Robin Williams, they managed to discover what tormented the actor
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The world was shocked by Robin Williams’ devastating suicide and there was much speculation about his motives. After the autopsy, doctors were able to determine what had caused the actor’s suffering. Williams was suffering from Lewy body dementia.

The disease that tormented Robin is a brain disorder that can cause alterations in thought, movement, behavior and mood. Williams died without knowing what disease was attacking him and his wife wouldn’t know until three months later when she read the forensic report. According to the report, he had lost 40% of his dopamine neurons and Lewy bodies had completely attacked his brain, according to Esquire.

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