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Ricky Martin’s son Valentino stuns in a surprising photo

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Ricky Martin hijo Valentino
  • Ricky Martin’s son Valentino shocks everyone.
  • The singer shared a surprising photo of his eldest son.
  • The Boricua’s son is growing up to be a stunner.

Ricky Martin is a proud father and over time he has taken great care took keep his children out of the public eye. He did share photos when they were babies, but now, he’s shocked everyone with a photo of his 14-year-old son Valentino.

In a recent Instagram post, Ricky Martin made it very clear that his son Valentino is no longer a child and is clearly following in his father’s footsteps. He also inherited an interest in acting according to his TikTok videos.

Ricky Martin and his son cause a sensation

Ricky Martin shares photos

The singer shared a photo of his son Valentino cutting his hair. He clearly inherited his father’s looks and favors Ricky Martin more than his other father Jwan Yosef.

Valentino already has a mustache, his face is no longer that of a child and, at 14 years old, he shows he’s ready for the entertainment world. He could be a model, actor or even a singer like his father.

Valentino is no longer a child

Son Valentino new photo

Ricky Martin’s message was clear: «A baby no more, my son Tino.» Valentino has dark hair and a bit of a mustache. This shocked Martin’s followers who did not expect him to be so grown up.

“My God, time goes by super fast.” “He’s 14?! I barely have a beard and I’m 26.” “Sexy and he knows it.” “Ricky Martin’s children already have beards and mustaches??? How old I am.” “He’s already a man and he looks like Justin Bieber.” “So handsome, we love Tino.” “By God what a way to grow!!! A grown-up man!!! I hope he becomes a good person and has the humbleness of his father.” “He’s very similar to you.”

Ricky Martin’s son is a stunning young man

Ricky Martin his son is an influencer

Valentino also likes to share TikTok videos. In one of the most recent he gave a tour of the mansion where he lives with Ricky Martin, Jwan Yosef and his brothers. Fans were impressed by his demeanor.

People commented: “He’s as handsome as his dad!! He’s already a teenager!! I’m your biggest fan on tiktok!!» «Excuse me!!!!!!! I cannot believe it! How big” “First impression: Justin Bieber.” “Whaaaat?!?!?! He’s the son?!?! But if he was very little yesterday», “He’s the best!!! I love his tiktoks.” “My God what happened here.” “Time passed quickly.” “The years go by but they will always be daddy’s babies.” “Your son Ricky is so beautiful.”

Valentino shows the mansion where he lives with his parents and brothers

Valentino records his father's house

Valentino is one of Ricky Martin’s twin sons, so soon his brother Matteo could appear. However, while we wait for that the teenager already has 44,000 followers on TikTok.

A few days ago, he posted a video showing his home in El Dorado, Puerto Rico. He said: “The remodeling of our house in Puerto Rico is 94% complete. Here is the interior and here is the exterior.»  Some images in this article come from the following video.

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