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Ricardo Navarro Carvajal is wanted for the shooting murder of his wife (PHOTOS)

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  • Ricardo Navarro Carvajal shot his wife Doris Ramírez during a family party in Texas
  • Doris Ramírez, a 33-year-old immigrant from El Salvador, was seriously injured and died
  • Navarro Carvajal, originally from Honduras, escaped the scene in his black Dodge Ram truck

Ricardo Navarro Carvajal has an arrest warrant in Texas, accused of having shot Doris Ramírez in the back. The Homicide Division of the Dallas Police Department (DPD) now needs the help of the Hispanic community to stop the man, who escaped in his truck after the brutal crime.

Navarro Carvajal, whose age is unknown, shot Doris Ramírez, 33, in the early hours of Sunday, May 16, 2021, at 2:32 a.m., during a party in the Hispanic neighborhood of Oak Cliff, in the eastern Dallas metropolitan area, as she was chatting with friends and family. The children of the murdered hispanic saw her fall after being shot.

Ricardo Navarro Carvajal is accused of killing Doris Ramírez

Ricardo Navarro Carvajal placeholder image
Ricardo Navarro Carvajal is wanted in Texas accused of the shooting murder of his wife Doris Ramírez, whom he shot in the back. (PHOTO: Dallas Police Department)

According to the incident report, consulted by MundoHispánico In Texas, the emergency number of the DPD received a call from several people who were at the house marked 2007 East 8th Street, very close to Moore Park, asking for help for a Hispanic woman who had a bad gunshot wound.

The DPD patrols showed up at the house from which the call was made and found an injured woman, whom her family and friends were trying to help. The woman was rushed to a Dallas hospital, it is not specified to which hospital or who took her, to be treated for her serious injuries from the gunshots to the back.

Doris Ramírez died in a hospital due to the bullets in her back

Ricardo Navarro Carvajal placeholder image
Doris Ramírez, 33, was the mother of three children who saw their mother fall wounded by shots in the back, which her partner unloaded in the middle of a party. (PHOTO: Courtesy of the Ramírez Family)

However, the injured woman Doris Ramírez and who was also known as Carolina Ramírez, died at 3:35 p.m. on Monday, May 17, 2021 at the hospital, when the doctors were still fighting to save her life due to the various shots he received in the back. Doris Ramírez was originally from El Salvador and the mother of three children.

When Doris Ramírez’s death was officially declared, DPD Homicide Division agents took up the case to learn the details of the party at which the woman had been shot in the Oak Cliff neighborhood, and that’s when it emerged. Ricardo Navarro Carvajal’s name as the alleged murderer.

Ricardo Navarro Carvajal escapes in his Dodge Ram truck

Ricardo Navarro Carvajal placeholder image
This is an image of the truck in which Ricardo Navarro Carvajal escaped after killing his wife Doris Ramírez. (Photo: Dallas Police Department)

According to the investigation of the DPD Homicide Division agents, Doris Ramírez’s family had gathered at the 2007 house on East 8th Street, a red wooden house, to celebrate the birthday allegedly of the husband of the victim’s sister.

Family and friends were gathered at the party, in addition to the three children of Doris Ramírez, and at one point for some reason that is not established in the investigation documents, Ricardo Navarro Carvajal took out a gun and shot Doris Ramírez in the back. The man later escaped in his black Dodge Ram truck. The plates were not revealed.

Ricardo Navarro Carvajal and Doris Ramírez were a couple

Ricardo Navarro Carvajal placeholder image
Doris Ramírez passed away outside her sister’s home in East Dallas when the family gathered to celebrate a birthday. (PHOTO: Courtesy of the Ramírez Family)

The agents of the DPD’s Homicide Division do not detail in the case documents what was the relationship between Doris Ramírez and her alleged murderer Ricardo Navarro Carvajal. However, a source close to the Ramírez family confirmed to MundoHispánico in Texas that Ramírez and Navarro Carvajal were a couple, although it is not known if they were married.

Now the agents of the DPD Homicide Division need the help of the community to arrest Ricardo Navarro Carvajal, allegedly originally from Honduras, and who is traveling in a black 2008 Dodge Ram pickup. If anyone knows the man’s whereabouts, please call 214.883.9507. All tracks will be anonymous.

Ricardo Navarro Carvajal is armed and dangerous

Ricardo Navarro Carvajal placeholder image
PHOTO Taken from Twitter

The agents of the DPD Homicide Division asked the Hispanic community that if they recognize the fugitive, do not approach him, as the man is armed and dangerous. That is why the corporation recommends that the Texas community in particular and the rest of the United States in general call their local authorities if they see Ricardo Navarro Carvajal.

The murder of Doris Ramírez allegedly at the hands of her partner Ricardo Navarro Carvajal has caused deep pain among the Hispanic population of Dallas, North Texas, as the woman is one more victim in a long chain of domestic violence among the immigrant community .

«I carried her to the car bleeding out»

(Photo: Taken from Twitter)

Glenda Ramírez, sister of the murdered woman, was the one who offered the party at her house to celebrate her husband and which was attended by Doris Ramírez and her partner Ricardo Navarro Carvajal. The woman in pain told the television station Univision 23 Dallas-Fort Worth details on her sister’s death.

«Her sons, my daughters, looked at everything how it was … how I loaded her to the car bleeding,» Glenda Ramírez told the television station with tears in her eyes and with broken words due to the deep pain that afflicts her, since He assured that it is «destroyed … dead while alive», after the murder of his sister in the middle of the party.

One more victim of domestic violence

PHOTO: Taken from Twitter

According to the nonprofit organization National Statistics on Domestic Violence (NCADV), the United States is experiencing a true pandemic of aggression, at various levels, against someone by their partner. Every minute, according to NCADV, 20 people are attacked by their partner in some way.

In the United States, one in four women and one in nine men are constantly subjected to violent abuse, causing them physical injury, emotion, trauma and anguish for the rest of their lives and even homicide. Women between the ages of 18 and 24, almost always in their first serious relationship, are the most vulnerable and those who report the most abuse.

Ricardo Navarro Carvajal, another abusive and violent

PHOTO: Taken from Twitter

The death of the young mother Doris Ramírez allegedly at the hands of her partner is within the national context of domestic violence cases. According to the non-profit organization National Domestic Violence Hotline, one in four women in the United States suffers from an abusive relationship with her romantic partner.

According to that same organization, every minute an average of 24 people, men and women, suffer some type of violence, rape, harassment and intimidation by their partners. That makes a total of 12 million people a year being victims of domestic violence, like the victim in the case against Ricardo Navarro Carvajal.

Victims of domestic violence should be vigilant

PHOTO: Taken from Twitter

The National Domestic Violence Hotline offers a series of recommendations in Spanish for people who suffer from partner abuse. The organization explains that there are different types of domestic violence and that the victim must learn to identify them, as in the case of Ramírez before being murdered by Ricardo Navarro Carvajal.

According to the National Domestic Violence Helpline, according to its information in Spanish, it explains that anyone has the right to turn off their phone to be able to spend time with their family and friends without these activities having to anger their partner and no one can control someone else’s time even if they are married.

Another Hispanic immigrant who dies for her husband

Doris Ramírez and Ricardo Navarro Carvajal, at the time when they were both happy in their relationship as a couple in Dallas, Texas. (PHOTO: Courtesy of the Ramírez Family)

According to the non-profit organization Laws for Women, which is dedicated to raising awareness in the United States against various forms of abuse against women, many Hispanic immigrants suffer relationships of violence at various levels and do not dare to report due to their immigration status.

«Immigrants who are survivors of domestic violence can be subjected to specific forms of abuse, especially those who do not have their legal documents or whose legal status depends on the aggressor or aggressor» details the organization that offers free help and in Spanish to the victims.

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