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Mitos y Leyendas: The Origin of the Inca Rhodochrosite

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  • Mitos y Leyendas brings you the story of the Inca rhodochrosite stone.
  • It is a stone that is rarely found in its natural state today.
  • A beautiful love story that was consummated with the birth of an Inca stone.

A long time ago, in the territories that we now know as the provinces of Catamarca, La Rioja, Santiago del Estero, and Tucumán, the ancient Diaguitas shared a story that has endured through the centuries: the legend of the Rhodochrosite Petals.

In those days, a brave chasqui embarked on a long journey that took him to the dwelling of the Inca king. In his hands, he carried an offering that would awaken deep emotions: three drops of petrified blood.

The discovery of these blood drops moved everyone. They remembered an ancient story that dated back to Lake Titicaca, where the majestic temple of the Acllas, the virgin priestesses of Inti, stood.

In that sacred place, the sun and the moon met to bless the crops and witness the selection of who would perpetuate the Inca bloodline.

Tupac Canqui enters the temple

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However, one day, a brave warrior named Tupac Canqui defied tradition by entering the temple.

From the moment his eyes met those of the beautiful Ñusta Aclla, an unbreakable love was born.

Despite the restrictions imposed on the chosen ones, the priestess reciprocated his feelings.

Together they escaped to the south, seeking to protect the life that grew in the maiden’s womb. But the imperial power soon mobilized, sending armed groups in search of them.

Ñusta Aclla leaves a legacy

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Tupac Canqui and the woman took refuge near the Ripado salt flat, where they built a home and started a family.

Their descendants became the ancient Diaguitas, proud bearers of Aymara blood. However, they could never completely free themselves from the spell of the Inca shamans.

Death finally separated the couple, leaving Tupac Canqui immersed in solitude and sadness. He died shortly after.

One day, the chasqui AndalGalá discovered the tomb of Ñusta Aclla. What he saw left him astonished: the stone covering the tomb had bloomed into beautiful blood petals.

The Legend of the Inca Rhodochrosite Stone

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Quickly, he plucked one of the roses and brought it as an offering to the Inca king. The imperial leader, moved by this gesture, decided to forgive the furtive lovers who had defied his authority.

From that day on, the princesses of Tiahuanaco proudly wore fragments of rhodochrosite, the pink stone of the Inca, as a symbol of peace, forgiveness, and eternal love.

This ancient legend of the Diaguitas reminds us that love, even when it defies norms and traditions, can endure and bloom like the beautiful roses of rhodochrosite.

It teaches us that forgiveness and compassion can unite even the hearts most separated by history and differences. Mitos y Leyendas says goodbye for now and hopes this story has captivated you. Until next time!

Mitos y Leyendas
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