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Republican Tim Scott drops out of presidential race

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Senator, Tim Scott, election, Republican, USA
Republican Tim Scott drops out of presidential race (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Republican Tim Scott drops out.
  • There are fewer candidates running for president.
  • Donald Trump is one step closer to the White House.

On Sunday, November 13, Senator Tim Scott made a surprising announcement by dropping out of the 2024 presidential race.

This comes about two months before voting begins in the Iowa caucuses.

He made the announcement on Sunday Night in America, which is hosted by Trey Gowdy.

A member of his staff said that they had no idea this was coming and found out by watching the show.

Republican Tim Scott did not notify his staff

senator, Tim Scott, candidacy, presidency, mundonow
PHOTO: Getty Images

A member of his campaign revealed that staff learned of Tim Scott’s decision while watching the show.

This source, who is not authorized to speak about campaign matters, asked to remain anonymous.

It is speculated that perhaps Scott made this decision at the last minute and that is why his campaign was not aware of it.

It is up to the Senator to explain the reasons for his shocking decision.

Why Tim Scott dropped out of the race

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PHOTO: Getty Images

Scott’s withdrawal comes at a low point as many of Trump’s rivals struggle in the polls after the third debate.

Although he entered the race in May with more money than his rivals, the only Black Republican senator could not gain traction.

The news highlights Scott’s difficulty in gaining support and standing out in the competitive Republican race.

His decision to withdraw before voting in Iowa begins reveals a realistic assessment of his chances in the presidential race.

Tim Scott was lagging behind his competitors

vote, polls, elections, politics, mundonow
PHOTO: Shutterstock

At 58 years old, Tim Scott ranked sixth among Republican primary candidates and only had 2.5% of the vote.

These data were released by Real Clear Politics from the main recent opinion polls.

He was one of five participants in the third televised Republican debate last Wednesday.

There, the candidates discussed Ukraine, China, abortion and the future of the party.

What does this mean for the Republican Party?

republican candidates, republican senator, primary, mundonow
PHOTO: Shutterstock

The senator, known for his pragmatic approach and commitment to various issues, recognized the need to make this difficult decision at a strategic time.

Scott’s withdrawal calls into question the future of the Republican Party in the upcoming election and who could be the leading contender.

With the news coming at a crucial moment in the race, the internal dynamics of the Republican Party could undergo significant changes.

This decision highlights the political complexity and unpredictability of the 2024 race.

Republican Tim Scott drops out of the race

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

«I love America more on this day than I loved it on May 22,» Scott said Sunday night.

«But when I go back to Iowa, it will not be as a presidential candidate,» the former Republican candidate announced during the show.

«I am suspending my campaign. I think the voters who are the most remarkable people on the planet have been really clear that they’re telling me, ‘Not now, Tim.'» he added.

«So I’m going to respect the voters, and I’m going to wait and keep working really hard and wait for another opportunity,» he added.

He won’t endorse another Republican candidate

tim scott, presidential race, republican candidate, sentaor, mundonow
PHOTO: The Associated Press

According to The Associated Press, Scott said he will not publicly endorse any of his remaining Republican rivals.

«The voters are really smart,» he declared. «The best way for me to be helpful is to not weigh in on who they should endorse.»

He also indicated that he is not interested in being someone else’s running mate.

«Being vice president has never been on my to-do list for this campaign, and it’s certainly not there now,» he pointed out.

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