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Televisa actress Renata Alejandra del Castillo is diagnosed with a tumor and makes a plea

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Renata del Castillo diagnosed with a tumor (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Renata del Castillo is diagnosed with a tumor
  • The actress appeals for help from followers and colleagues
  • Urgently transferred to the hospital

Televisa actress Renata Alejandra del Castillo has set off alarms on social media with a distressing message about her health.

Renata, known for her roles in ‘Control Z’ and ‘Como dice el dicho’, has revealed that she is facing very difficult times due to a tumor in her spine.

On her official Instagram account, the actress confirmed that she was urgently transferred to a hospital in San Luis Potosí.

It’s worth noting that she shared this information through her stories on the aforementioned social network, which are no longer available.

Televisa Actress Seeks Help

Actress, Soap operas, Health, Diagnosis, Renata del Castillo tumor
Renata del Castillo Diagnosed with Spinal Tumor – Photo: Shutterstock

Renata has been a prominent figure on Televisa, participating in popular productions that have marked her career.

The actress pleaded with her followers and industry colleagues for support by donating blood, as she is in a very delicate situation.

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According to ‘Tv y Notas’, Renata del Castillo was diagnosed with a spinal tumor in February 2023, significantly complicating her health condition.

Due to the high costs of the necessary surgery, the well-known broadcaster could not cover the expenses on her own.

The news of her illness has caused great concern within the artistic community, especially as it is a relapse in her health.

«I want to ask if you can come to donate blood at the central hospital,» Renata mentioned in her message.

In tears, the Televisa actress reiterated the seriousness of her health condition and the urgency of the needed assistance.

«I’m arriving at the emergency room right now, I beg you please. Today for me, tomorrow for you,» concluded the television artist.

Renata del Castillo’s call for blood donation underscores the urgency and seriousness of her current situation.

It is important to note that Alejandra’s current health status is uncertain, and an update is expected soon.

Renata’s fight against the spinal tumor has been a tough journey filled with physical and emotional challenges.

The actress has shared her journey openly, seeking to inspire and raise awareness about the importance of mutual support.

Artistic Community in Shock

Social Networks, Doctors, Televisa, Artist, Celebrities, Shock
Photo: Screenshot IG Renata del Castillo

The impact of her illness has been profound, affecting both her personal and professional life, as reported by ‘Tv y Notas’.

However, Renata has maintained a positive attitude, focusing on her recovery and the support received.

The actress’s story is a reminder of the importance of solidarity and mutual support in difficult times.

Her courage and determination continue to inspire many facing the same battle. HERE is a photo of the statement and HERE an image of the actress.


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