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From reggaeton to redemption: 6 Puerto Rican music icons’ spiritual conversion

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Reggaeton stars embrace Christianity (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Reggaeton stars embrace Christianity.
  • Which artists have found a spiritual calling?
  • They are spreading the Gospel across Puerto Rico.

Several Puerto Rican reggaton artists have recently taken a dramatic turn in their careers.

Artists like Daddy Yankee, Héctor El Father, Farruko, Julio Voltio and Gocho have chosen a path of spiritual renewal, embracing Christianity and its teachings.

Their profound personal transformations have led them from the glamour and tumult of the music industry to the serenity of preaching and spreading the Gospel across Puerto Rico.

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1. Reggaeton stars embracing Christianity

show, Puerto Rico Coliseum, San Juan, reggaeton stars, mundonow
Photo: MundoNOW Archive

Daddy Yankee, Héctor El Father, Farruko, Julio Voltio, and Gocho are some of the artists who turned reggaeton into a global phenomenon.

They later decided to leave their careers and convert to Christianity, a process several of them talked about with EFE.

Voltio, one of the liveliest reggaeton artists due to his unique performance style, left music when he was about to release reggaeton and salsa albums simultaneously.

One day he heard Hector El Father preach and decided to emulate him and join him in his ministry.

2. Christ saved Voltio from suicide

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Photo: MundoNOW Archive

«I changed stages. I have nothing to do with Julio Voltio anymore. The dance is over, the party is over.

«Now it is about being in the presence of the Lord preaching the Word and telling all those young people that Christ is the solution,» said Julio Ramos, Voltio’s real name.

«Christ pulled me out of suicide, pills, marijuana, alcohol, restored my marriage. Many times I was on the brink of death and the Lord saved me, took care of me,» Ramos added.

Hector El Father, whose real name is Hector Delgado, also participated in that sermon.

3. Hector El Father is another convert

priest, church, christianity, reggaeton, stars
Photo: MundoNOW Archive

El Father is one of the pioneers of reggaeton and for many years was one of the most recognized artist on the streets due to his alleged connections with drug traffickers in Puerto Rico.

He also participated in Voltio’s sermon.

«You don’t see Hector with one more sermon (but) as a method of God saving you,» El Father announced in the public square of Canóvanas.

He told about 150 people that music did not bring him happiness despite giving him «fame, money and power.»

4. Gocho changed ‘a message of destruction to one of faith’

priest, church, christianity, reggaeton, stars
Photo: MundoNOW Archive

«Now I make Christ-centered music. I changed my musical objective, from a message of destruction to one of faith and hope, and so that the youth know that music with content can be made.»

José Ángel Torres, Gocho’s real name, is now an evangelical pastor. «When you meet God, your mindset changes.

«There is no way to serve God faithfully and follow Him and make that type of music because it contradicts what I say and preach,» he added.

Gocho, who converted in 2016 during a marital crisis, admitted feeling guilty for having written explicit songs that promote sexuality and violence like ‘Dale Don, Dale’ by Don Omar.

5. Farruko and Daddy Yankee are reggaeton stars embracing Christianity

Christ loves you, Gospel, farewell, Hector "The Father"Farruko, Voltio, Gocho, Luis Fonsi,
Reggaeton stars embrace Christianity / Photo: MundoNOW Archive

In the same vein, Farruko, in a 2022 concert rejected the message of some of his songs, specifically the one that incites drug use from his hit ‘Pepas.’

«I am not proud of that! God knows how many of his children I harmed! And today I stand to ask them to forgive me as a human being,» he pleaded.

The latest to announce his conversion was Daddy Yankee, who, at the time of retiring from music in December, said his life was incomplete without God.

«Jesus, as you allowed me, by your mercy, to travel the world, let me from Puerto Rico evangelize the world. Finally, I have reached the goal. I am free!» stated the singer, who also urged his fans to follow the same path.

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