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4 reasons why men are unfaithful

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  • At least 20% of men have been unfaithful to one of their partners. 
  • Lack of love or interest is given as one of the main reasons for infidelity.
  • Science has been able to prove that men are more likely to cheat.

Find out the four main reasons why men tend to be unfaithful! There can be many reasons behind a man’s infidelity. Science has been able to show that men are more likely to cheat on their partner with another person.

In various scientific studies, at least 20% of men have reported being unfaithful on at least one occasion. This refers specifically to engaging in sexual relations outside the marriage or monogamous relationship, according to the General Social Survey (GSS). Here are four possible reasons behind a man’s infidelity. Get to know them!

Lack of love or interest


Some scientific studies carried out with men who have admitted to cheating on their partners have found that many of them justify or explain their reason for cheating by saying that they have lost interest in their partner or that the love between them has decreased considerably.

This lack of love or interest, in most cases, has led them to go in search of new love interests or, well, to explore new dynamics with other sexual partners without having officially ended their current relationship.

Sexual desire is a reason men are unfaithful

Person removing wedding ring as an idea of infidelity

Many men say their sexual desire is higher than that of their partner, a factor that has been stated as a justification for entering into a sexual relationship, conversation or dynamic with someone who is not their official partner.

Sexual desire can cause a man to be unfaithful not only sexually, but also emotionally. In some cases, people who are unfaithful sexually also develop an intimate relationship with the other person. Especially if the new sexual dynamic is established through virtual means, for example.

It just happens


Not all infidelity is the same. It is possible for a man to enter into a long-term sexual and emotional relationship with another partner, but it is also common to hear that men cheat circumstantially — that is — without having a specific reason.

There are many reasons for infidelity but in some cases it has to do with drinking too much or using drugs that lower inhibitions. However, this, at least for most women, is not seen as a reason that justifies infidelity.


shirt with lipstick as a concept of infidelity

A final reason why men are unfaithful is out of a desire for revenge. In surveys conducted to learn more about infidelity, some men report that one of their motivations for cheating on their partners was their previous cheating.

A common response was seeking revenge, since it is sometimes thought that this will return equilibrium to the relationship. However, it does not always have the desired or expected effects, and regret is very common in these cases.

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