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Realtor Carmela Moreno: A story of overcoming and success

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  • Carmela Moreno is an immigrant who has achieved success in Atlanta.
  • From being a house cleaner to a successful real estate agent.
  • The story of Carmela Moreno inspires others to overcome obstacles.

Carmela Moreno arrived from Peru in 2004 with her husband and her girls and, like many women, she had to work as a house cleaner, where she was paid 17 dollars for a whole house; however, today she has become one of the most successful Hispanic real estate agents in the country.

“I remember that we arrived full of illusions, but at the same time with fears because you don’t know what you are going to face. I was used to working, but I didn’t know what to do here, I didn’t speak English, I was a little scared. We had 10 or 20 dollars, nothing more,” recalls Carmela when talking to MundoHispánico.

Hard times

Photo: Courtesy Carmela Moreno

Those early days were very difficult for Carmela, especially to find a job. «We saw something in a temporary employment company but we had to be among the first to arrive at the office to be chosen, so we decided to sleep on the street, in front of the agency, wrapped in cardboard,» he says.

After going through various jobs, including a printing press, in restaurants and in a hotel, Carmela found an opportunity in house cleaning. «I cleaned five houses a day and they paid me $ 17 for each one, until I thought it possible to have my own business and with the help of my young daughter I started it in English,» he says.

Decision that changed his life

Photo: Courtesy Carmela Moreno

Cleaning houses became Carmela’s first business in the United States, which was alternating with other temporary jobs because “at first I didn’t have many clients, it was something little by little, so I did other things with the temporary agency Until the time came when I had houses to clean all week, ”he says.

After seven years cleaning houses and with a company already consolidated in the market, Carmela opted for a new way to exploit her talent and after seeing a report in MundoHispánico about a scam against several Hispanic home buyers, she decided on the goods estate.

Inspiring story

Photo: Courtesy Carmela Moreno

“At that moment I said to myself: ‘I could get my realtor license and educate these people’ and that’s how my new job was born. I began to investigate how to obtain that license, which ones, and I began my studies until I got it, «he says. It is in Carmela’s motivation to become a realtor that perhaps the success of her performance rests: to help. And that’s what the last few years as a real estate agent has done, helping hundreds of people fulfill the American dream.

Carmela wrote a book, “From cleaner to successful saleswoman”, a text with her memoirs written in times of the pandemic. «When the quarantine was not in the office but at home and when I consulted with someone who had written two books, I set out to write my story and I did so,» he highlights.

It helps the community

Photo: Courtesy Carmela Moreno

But Carmela also wants to help the community in another way. That is why she is forming her non-profit organization “Cambiando Minds”, to educate mothers and turn them into entrepreneurs, while assisting their children on technology issues.

Carmela has dozens of excellent comments on Facebook about the work she does with her buyers and sellers, through her companies Mi Hogar en Atlanta LLC, Carmil Investment LLC and Moreno’s Managment Properties LLC. In addition, he was awarded the Gold Award by NAMAR (Georgia Association of Realtors) and is a member of the Million Dollar Club Designated Active Life for the third year in a row.

Awards for your effort

Photo: Courtesy Carmela Moreno

Meanwhile, her broker, Virtual Properties Realty, has awarded her the Silver Award 2017 and the Gold Award in 2018, 2019 and 2020. The NAHREP (National Association of Latino Realtors) also placed her in 2019 among the top 100 producers in the South of the United States. In the US and in 2020 he ranked 76th among the top 250 real estate agents in the country.

To contact her, Carmela has at the community’s disposal the telephone number: 678.744.8007.

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