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Real Madrid players arrested for video with a minor

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Real Madrid players arrested, Trouble, Law, Minor, News
Foto Shutterstock, Real Madrid players arrested
  • Three Real Madrid players arrested.
  • Scandal over sex video with a minor.
  • Who are those involved?

This Thursday, September 14, a scandal has been generated in Spanish football, since several footballers from the Merengue club have been arrested.

The Civil Guard has arrested three Real Madrid players in relation to the dissemination of a video of sexual content in which a minor under 16 years of age appears.

According to information from the investigation, these footballers would have recorded the material and shared it with other teammates.

Until now, the identities of those arrested are kept confidential, but it is known that two of them belong to Castilla and the third to Real Madrid C.

Real Madrid players are arrested

Players, Real Madrid, detained, video, football
Real Madrid players detained Photo Shutterstock

The news has shocked the football world and raised serious concerns about the conduct of youth players at Spain’s most iconic club.

Furthermore, it is not ruled out that members of the first team may also be involved in this scandal, which increases the magnitude of the case, according to Euro Press.

The investigations began after the complaint filed by the mother of the affected minor on September 6 in the municipality of Mogán, in the Canary Islands.

Since then, the Policía Judicial de la Guardia Civil de Las Palmas has been working on the case to clarify and determine the responsibilities of those involved.

Real Madrid issues statement

Players, Real Madrid, detained, arrest, video
Real Madrid players detained Photo Shutterstock

Given this, Real Madrid, one of the most prestigious clubs in the world, has issued no statement about the situation its players are experiencing.

“Real Madrid communicates that it has learned that a player from Castilla and three players from Real Madrid C,” they said.

«They have given a statement to the Guardia Civil in relation to a complaint for the alleged dissemination of a private video on WhatsApp,» they added.

Then they mentioned what they will do about it: «When the club has detailed knowledge of the facts, it will take the appropriate measures.»

Sanctions for the merengue club?

Players, Real Madrid, detained, young man, club

This incident raises important questions about the responsibility of sports clubs in training and supervising their young talents.

To date, the identity of the minor who appears in the sex video with the Real Madrid footballers has not been revealed.

Social networks have been flooded with messages of support for the minor affected and condemnation of the conduct of the players involved.

Likewise, society demands that justice be done and that exemplary measures be taken to prevent future similar incidents.

a serious crime

Crime, Prison, arrest, footballers, scandal

The dissemination of sexual material without consent is a serious crime in Spain and in most countries, and the participation of minors in this type of content is even more alarming.

These legal consequences for those responsible for this act can be severe, emphasizing the need for a thorough and rigorous investigation.

Now, Real Madrid, a club that has historically promoted sporting and ethical values, now faces a moral and reputational challenge.

It is worth mentioning that the detained soccer players were taken to police stations and are accused of an alleged crime of keeping secrets.

What will happen to the players?

Footballers, Soccer, Club, arrest, MundoNOW

It should be noted that this arrest occurred in Valdebebas, where the Civil Guard interrupted the training of the youth players and they were separated from the squad.

Some media outlets stated that the crime they are accused of is that of keeping secrets, according to the portal Record.

Investigators want to review the mobile phones of the footballers involved for analysis.

This in order to advance the investigation and even determine if there are more people involved in this case, such as the players of the first team.

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