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They tell the truth after the death of a woman run over outside a soccer match in Mexico

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Rayados game ends in tragedy (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Rayados game ends in tragedy.
  • Jennifer «N» faces serious accusations.
  • Next hearing is prepared.

Last Sunday night, January 21, a truck ran over ‘Rayados’ fans outside the TSM Stadium located in Torreón, Coahuila in Mexico.

After the fatal incident at the Rayados and Santos Laguna game, it was revealed that the owners of the vehicle involved are a couple, and the first investigations suggest that a woman committed the tragedy.

Now, in an initial hearing that lasted approximately three hours, Jennifer «N», the main suspect, faced charges of various serious crimes.

Which are related to the tragic accident that occurred last Sunday after the match between the ‘Santos Laguna’ and ‘Rayados del Monterrey’ soccer teams.

Rayados game ends in tragedy

Tragedy, Accident, Death, Mexico, Woman run over outside a game
Photo: Shutterstock

The Public Ministry accused the driver of intentional homicide with treachery and advantage, as well as serious and very serious injuries that threaten the lives of the victims.

All the people affected by this act are fans of the Monterrey team, and among them is Maribel Mercado Gallegos, who lost her life.

The ‘Rayados’ club has assumed responsibility for the medical expenses and funeral services of the fatal victim, expressing solidarity with those affected by this tragic event.

Relatives, witnesses from the match and the victims themselves assure that the act was premeditated, as detailed by the ‘Proceso’ news outlet.

Jennifer «N» charged with intentional homicide

Arrest, Justice, Victims, Accident, Run-over
Photo: Shutterstock

For its part, the Public Ministry presented the accusation against the suspect before Judge Alonso of Santiago, the aforementioned media noted.

Who granted a doubling of the constitutional term of 144 hours for the hearing to link to the process, scheduled for January 29 at 9:30 a.m.

At the hearing, it was determined that Jennifer «N» caused the death of Maribel Mercado Gallegos and was accused of causing very serious injuries to nine other fans.

Four of them are currently in a critical situation, making it necessary to resort to surgical procedures.

Suspect did not give statements at the hearing

News, Impact, Community, Hispanics, Soccer
Woman knocked down outside a soccer match in Mexico-Photo: Shutterstock

Among the interventions that victims must receive is the reconstruction of lower extremities and the intubation of one of those affected.

The accused, Jennifer «N», opted for silence during the hearing, reserving any type of statement before the authorities.

The judge ruled preventive detention as a precautionary measure, considering the risk of escape, since the driver is a resident of Texas, ‘Proceso’ noted.

Well, at the time of carrying out the investigations, the police found a license found in the truck involved in the accident.

Driver’s license and flight risk

Penalty, Security, Death, Injuries, Homicide
Photo: Shutterstock

It shows the suspect’s photograph as well as her personal information, and said identification was taken in the state of Texas.

Despite the defense’s attempts to avoid the precautionary measure, the judge accepted the image of the driver’s license as valid.

This coincides with the testimony of the defendant’s partner, who declared before the Public Ministry that Jennifer «N» resided in Del Río, Texas.

This confirmed the possibility that she tried to evade justice after the fatal accident that affected several fans, the ‘Aristegui Noticias’ outlet noted.

A bribe to the civil police

Situation, Process, Laws, Trial, Authorities
Photo: Shutterstock

The Public Ministry presented a report from the Civil Police of Coahuila, which details an attempted bribery by Jennifer «N» to the agents in charge of the investigation.

The alleged perpetrator apparently offered an amount of dollars to be released and avoid legal consequences.

In the morning, relatives of the victims gathered at access 7 to the Santos Laguna stadium, demanding that the authorities clarify the facts.

Requesting that they determine that the tragic accident after the end of the soccer game was a completely intentional act on the part of the driver.

Statements from relatives of the victims

Testimonies, Prosecutor's Office, Judge, Determination, Jennifer "N"
Woman knocked down outside a soccer match in Mexico-Photo: Shutterstock

Jonathan Gómez, brother-in-law of one of those affected, expressed the seriousness of the injuries his family member suffered and the uncertainty about his future job.

Miriam de León García, wife of another of those affected, highlighted the critical situation of her husband, who is in intensive care and intubated.

She mentioned that the medical expenses are covered by the Rayados club, while the Santos team and the Coahuila government have not yet provided support, according to ‘Proceso‘.

The community «Looks forward to the hearing to join the process, which is reserved for next January 29,» said Aristegui News‘. HERE a photo of Jennifer ‘N’.

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